‘My Boys’ Vet Books Recurring Role on ‘Superstore’

Michael Bunin
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 21: Actor Michael Bunin appears in the "10 Items or Less" celebrity bagging competition during The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace on November 21, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Superstore ended its first season with nearly all of the characters going on strike to protest the firing of Cloud 9 store manager Glenn (Mark McKinney)—who got canned trying to get employee Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) maternity leave.

The NBC comedy will have a special Olympics-themed episode on August 19 (set in the Season 1), but when the show officially returns for its second season, the strike will not be instantly resolved.

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“I don’t think I’m giving anything away to say it’s not going to be many episodes,” executive producer Justin Spitzer says. “It’s not going to feel like this is all done by the end of the premiere. We’ll get them back to the store, because that’s where they live [story-wise], but this is a topic and an issue that’s going to be continued in the future. There’s more to mine there then we have a chance to do in one episode.”

And Cloud 9 will be sending in reinforcements to get their message across to the employees. My Boys‘ Michael Bunin has been recruited to play Jeff, their district manager, TV Insider has learned exclusively.

Bunin, who played Kenny on the TBS series, will first appear in the official Season 2 launch of Superstore on Thursday, September 22. “He is hilarious [and] the voice of corporate,” Spitzer teases. “He’s great.”

Superstore, Season Premiere, Thursday, September 22, 8/7c, NBC.