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Justin Spitzer is an American TV writer and producer who was best known for working on "The Office" (NBC, 2005-2013) and "Superstore" (NBC, 2015). Like most aspiring TV writers that move to Hollywood with dreams of fancy cars and million dollar paychecks, Spitzer got his start working as a very unglamorous writers' assistant - the lowest level job in the writers' room.

Spitzer worked as a writers' assistant for an entire year on "Queer as Folk" (Showtime, 2000-05), where he made crucial show business contacts that would service him later on as he made the transition to staff writer. Luckily for Spitzer, that transition came only a year later when he started writing for "Scrubs" (NBC/ABC, 2001-2010) and the short-lived "Nick & Jessica Variety Hour" (ABC, 2004).

Spitzer continued bouncing around from one journeyman TV writing job to the next until getting his first break in 2007 when he joined the writing staff of the critically-acclaimed sitcom "The Office." Over the next six years Spitzer went on to write 11 episodes of the show and eventually worked his way up to becoming the series' co-executive producer during the final two seasons.

"The Office" ended after nine seasons in 2013 but Spitzer quickly nabbed work as a co-executive producer on the short-lived sitcom "Mulaney" (Fox, 2014-15). "Mulaney" was cancelled during its first season, but an undeterred Spitzer continued pitching show ideas around town. One of those ideas, which followed a group of employees working at a big box store in Missouri, was picked up for a series by NBC in 2015.

"Superstore" debuted on the network in November of 2015, with Spitzer serving as the showrunner.

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