Ralph Macchio Says ‘Cobra Kai’ Is the ‘Comfort Food’ We Need Right Now

cobra kai ralph macchio
YouTube Red / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Daniel-san is back in the dojo! You may not have known, since Cobra Kai, the continuation of the classic 1980s Karate Kid movies starring Ralph Macchio was previously only available on YouTube’s streaming service. But the first two seasons are coming to Netflix, and a third installment is due later.

With many of the same actors, characters and rivalries from the original films, Cobra Kai is “comfort food” for fans, Macchio recently told TV Guide Magazine. “Yet it’s telling fresh stories in today’s world.”

More than 30 years after the All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament, Daniel’s former nemesis Johnny (William Zabka), now a heavy-drinking handyman, reopens the Cobra Kai karate studio where he once trained.

cobra kai

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

We won’t spoil what happens, but before you can say, “wax on, wax off,” the feud between Johnny and happily married dad Daniel reignites.

This is no one-note rematch, however. Soapy subplots (Johnny’s star student dates Daniel’s daughter!) drive more drama. “We set ourselves up for the long haul,” says Macchio. Sounds like something he’d learn from Mr. Miyagi.

Cobra Kai, Seasons 1–2, Friday, Aug. 28, Netflix