Love for Nandor & More From ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ [email protected] Panel

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We hope you broke out the “creepy” paper to celebrate What We Do in the Shadows[email protected] panel because it was filled with spooky good laughs and behind the scenes secrets worthy of any Superb Owl Party.

Moderated by Season 2 guest star Haley Joel Osment, the event featured cast members Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Kayvan Novak, Mark Proksch, and Harvey Guillén, along with executive producers Stefani Robinson and Paul Simms.

The group from the FX documentary-style comedy about vampire roommates living in Staten Island took a look back at Season 2’s antics and looked ahead to Season 3. Below, we break down all of the major reveals and topics touched upon in the conversation.


Guillermo the Killer Familiar

Guillén discussed Guillermo’s transformation from obedient familiar to skilled vampire killer, likening the fight choreography to a dance. The actor joked he had a realization that “we’re just doing a musical.” As fans of the show will recall, the rest of the Staten Island vampires learned of Guillermo’s hidden talents in the Season 2 finale, which could change the dynamic between everyone going forward.

What We Do In the Shadows

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“I have no idea how this relationship is going to evolve,” Novak admitted of the Guillermo-Nandor dynamic. Simms followed up by saying that he and the other members of the creative team “know what’s happening but we can’t tell you.”

Season 2’s Quirks

Osment asked Demetriou what it was like to work with the doll version of Nadja in Season 2, which she also voiced. “I did all the recording of the voice in lockdown,” she shared, adding, “It was very easy to improvise with myself.”

It was also revealed that those songs performed by Nadja and Laszlo were partially written by Berry who said, “I wrote a whole load of things.” He admitted that he hadn’t tuned in to see if his bits made it into the show, but Demetriou reassured that some of them did.

What We Do in the Shadows

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Proksch also opened up about his energy vampire Colin’s power-trip, which saw the day walker gain the ability to fly and grow a full head of hair. After he revealed that he’d been sick while filming that episode in particular, Proksch said, “The flying was fun, it’s a little painful, as all the other vampires know — it’s work, so you go to work and do it.”

Mark Hamill’s Guest Appearance

“We were lucky we knew [ahead of time],” Robinson said of Mark Hamill’s role, which was anything but last minute. She went on to add that “I’ve never seen Matt so giggly,” referring to the moment Hamill’s vampire character grabbed a pool stick and used it like a lightsaber.

What We Do in the Shadows Mark Hamill

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Berry defended himself as he countered that having Mark on set is like, “you’re seven years old with Luke Skywalker in front of you.”

Set Love

Though working nights throughout the winter months wasn’t always ideal, the crew could agree on one thing — the set is amazing. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the show,” Demetriou stated. “I can never believe it.”

“I’ve never, in any of my shows worked on such an elaborate… beautiful set,” Proksch added. “It lends itself to your creativity.” Berry echoed his costars’ sentiments as he concluded, “It’s not only the best set I’ve ever worked on, it’s the best set I’ve ever seen.”

Prop Problems

After a round of show-and-tell with Robinson displaying faux paintings and Berry unveiling a necklace from the necromancer episode, Osment asked them about the challenge of wearing vampire teeth for the show. Berry said the biggest problem was “forgetting to put them in after lunch,” as Demetriou noted that a scene without the accessory makes for unusable footage.

Season 3 Teases

When it came time to chat about the show’s third season, Osment wondered aloud if Nandor will finally get a shot at romance. “It’s almost as if he’s looking at the big bulletin board,” Simms joked, before admitting that it’s something that could be a possibility, “obviously Nandor is lonely… They all have something they’re searching for,” Simms further teased. “Colin still doesn’t know how he became an energy vampire… there might be new duties,” but Simms cut himself off there, worried about revealing too much.

What We Do in the Shadows

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That didn’t stop Osment though as he asked whether or not there are more creatures for the vampires to encounter. Simms hinted that there would be before Robinson added, “there are some creatures that live on edifaces.” Could that mean gargoyles?! Fans will have to wait and see when Season 3 arrives, but it’s fun to speculate.

When Demetriou asked that there be more animals on set for the cast to play with, Simms did say, “the vampires get hell hounds to protect them.” Consider us intrigued.

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