‘Married at First Sight’ Introduces the Season 11 Couples in Matchmaking & Kick Off Specials (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 11
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight‘s Season 11 Matchmaking and Kick-off specials.]

Married at First Sight returns for Season 11 beginning Wednesday, July 15, but fans got a sneak peek at the latest couples at the center of the Lifetime franchise in two pre-premiere specials — one about matchmaking and the other a prediction kick-off.

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In the matchmaking special, viewers got a peek into the process involving experts Dr. Viviana, Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal who handpicked Season 11’s five matches. In the second kick-off special, Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier hosted a discussion with a group of series experts from various outlets including Us Weekly‘s Emily Longeretta, Variety‘s Angelique Jackson, E! News‘s Tierney Bricker and The Celeb Talk Guy‘s Max Fata.

Featuring some drop-ins from past couples, the participants debated about whether or not this year’s matches would be successful or not. One sneak peek clip didn’t bode well as viewers learn that one bride actually knows her groom-to-be and wasn’t too keen on spending her life with him.

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The Lifetime series is heading to the Big Easy for the summer.

Although viewers will have to wait until the July 15 premiere for details on this bride and groom’s identities, fans were introduced to the New Orleans-based individuals selected to partake in this season’s social experiment of marrying a perfect stranger. Things should get interesting considering the Louisiana city’s small dating pool, and proving that point is the fact that two grooms selected for Season 11 are besties in real life.

Below, we’re breaking down each couple and what we learned about them, along with the panelist’s feedback on their chances for having successful marriages.

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Amani & Woody

Married at First Sight Season 11 Woody Amani

(Credit: Lifetime)

Vouched for by Dr. Viviana, this pairing could be a surprising match made in heaven. Described as “Mr. Life of the Party,” Woody is a 30-year-old teacher and coach looking to share life’s milestones with a partner. After having a tough life growing up, he’s ready to make a commitment. As for Amani, she’s described as “Ms. Calm, Cool and Collected,” and by contrast from her partner, is a 29-year-old working for non-profits. After helping to take care of her siblings growing up, she’s ready to let loose and have fun with someone special. SUCCESS RATING: 4/5

Christina & Henry

MAFS season 11 Christina Henry

(Credit: Lifetime)

Next up was Christina and Henry, a couple selected with great excitement by Dr. Viviana as she highlighted their complimentary qualities. Christina, who was coined “The Princess Bride,” is looking to settle down at 30 after a string of bad relationships in which she never received a bouquet of flowers. The flight attendant is really close with her mom and hopes to find a future with her husband-to-be. Meanwhile, 35-year-old clinical recruiter Henry — nicknamed “The Reserved Gentleman” — is hoping to make a connection with someone who can break him out of his shell. Even his friend Kristen came along to vouch for his character. But will their kind-hearted spirits be enough to connect Christina and Henry? SUCCESS RATING: 1/5

Karen & Miles

MAFS Season 11 Karen Miles

(Credit: Lifetime)

Suggested as a pair by Pastor Cal, this duo may not be each other’s first choice in person, but on paper things seem fairly well-aligned. At 30, consultant Karen who is described as “Ms. Reservations” has put up walls to protect herself following past experiences, and she has her heart set on an ambitious man for her future partner. Although she wasn’t too keen on being paired with a younger man, the experts chose “Mr. Young and Ready” Miles who at 26 is more than ready to settle down and begin the next step of his life as a husband and future father. He also happens to be best friends with Woody, which could be fun throughout the season. SUCCESS RATING: 4/5

Olivia & Brett

MAFS Brett Olivia

(Credit: Lifetime)

This couple was among the final selections made by the experts as Dr. Pepper pushed for this pairing, but will it work? “Ms. Sugar and Spice” Olivia is a 30-year-old self-proclaimed cat lady who works as a nurse in the city. She’s looking to have fun with someone as she regularly attends New Orleans Saints games and partakes in a round of trivia or two. On the other hand, Brett is a 35-year-old IT expert who is known as “The Serial Dater.” Focused on his fitness, he’s fairly confident in comparison to Olivia’s more subdued personality. One red flag that hints things may not go so well was a sneak peek clip at the bachelor party in which Brett actively flirts with Henry’s friend Kristen. Can he be trusted? Viewers will have to tune in and see for themselves. SUCCESS RATING: 1/5

Amelia & Bennett

MAFS Season 11 Bennett Amelia

(Credit: Lifetime)

First introduced as a pairing by Dr. Pepper, this couple is being predicted as this season’s highlight duo due to their quirky personalities. “The Romantic Thespian” Bennett is a 28-year-old everyman who works in theater, drives a pedicab, and believes in living life to the fullest. Amelia is described as “The Driven Dreamer” at 27 due to her occupation as a doctor. But her pass times are just as unique as Bennett’s including playing music, creating art and more. It would be insane if these two don’t work and we haven’t even seen them meet yet. SUCCESS RATING: 4/5

Stay tuned next week for the premiere to see how these couples fair when they get Married at First Sight.

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