‘Sanditon’ Treats Fans to Deleted Scenes — See Every Clip Released (VIDEO)

Courtesy of Masterpiece

PBS Masterpiece’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sanditon took TVs by storm at the beginning of this year as it introduced fans to the scandalous action taking place in the titular seaside resort town.

Written and executive produced by Andrew Davies, Sanditon presented viewers with the tumultuous love story between Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Sidney Parker (Theo James) who meet when she is welcomed as a guest into his brother Tom’s (Kris Marshall) home. In true Austen fashion, the pair don’t get along too well at the beginning of the season, but their mutual frustrations with one another soon turns into more.

'Sanditon's Rose Williams on Waiting to 'See What Happens' With Possible Season 2See Also

'Sanditon's Rose Williams on Waiting to 'See What Happens' With Possible Season 2

The actress discusses where she’d like to see Charlotte's story go if the show were to be renewed.

Just as it seems like the pair may have their happily ever after, Sidney reveals to Charlotte that in order to financially support Tom, who is struggling to pay construction crews in the town, he must marry his ex, Eliza Campion (Ruth Kearney). Heartbroken, Season 1 concluded on quite a big cliffhanger, leaving viewers to wonder if the pair would ever get their proper Austen ending or not.

A shared production with itv, Sanditon was canceled across the pond, but its fate for Season 2 in the United States remains uncertain as PBS has yet to officially pull the plug or renew it. When we caught up with Williams in March, she said of the ongoing uncertainty, “I know as much as anyone. I just have to go with the flow and see what happens. But it is very lovely to see that people care about the characters as much as we did filming it.”

Sanditon Season 1

(Credit: Courtesy of Masterpiece)

In the meantime, Sanditon’s Twitter page teased that it would be releasing deleted scenes from the season via Red Planet Pictures’ vimeo, sharing their first segment on June 3. “To all our #sanditonsisters and #sanditonbrothers, we wanted to give you something in return for all the love you’ve shown #Sanditon so will be sharing NEVER BEFORE SEEN clips as part of a #celebratingsanditon series!” their first tweet read.

As the clips were released, we’ve added each of them for fans here, catch the clips below, including the first one which depicts a montage of Charlotte in the countryside with her family where they play games and do chores.

In the second clip released, Charlotte visits Denham Place with Mary Parker (Kate Ashfield) as they marvel at the grand space.

In the third segment released, Charlotte makes a concerted effort to avoid Sidney as they pass each other on the streets of Sanditon.

For the fourth clip, Mrs. Griffiths (Elizabeth Berrington) discusses poetry with Reverend Hankins (Kevin Eldon) before Sidney interrupts.

During the fifth clip unveiled, Young Stringer (Leo Suter) pays a visit to the Parkers’ home for a formal apology while also asking after Charlotte.

In the sixth clip, Clara (Lily Sacofsky) makes friends with Mr. Crowe (Matthew Needham) as she flees Sanditon for London.

The seventh clip may not be a favorite for Charlotte and Sidney shippers as he walks along the streets with Eliza, reminiscing on their past together, but it definitely adds dimension to their relationship.

In the eighth clip released, Miss Lambe (Crystal Clarke) receives a letter from her love Otis (Jyuddah Jaymes).

In the final clip released, Sidney and Charlotte bid each other adieu as he sets off for London, but not before the lovebirds share a kiss.

Sanditon is available to stream via PBS Masterpiece’s Prime Video Channel.