Michael Cimino of Hulu Sequel ‘Love, Victor’ Says the Original’s Simon Is Victor’s ‘Rock’

Michael Cimino Love Victor Preview
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Get ready to fall in love with high schooler Victor Salazar, who’s on a journey to self-discovery in the new Hulu series Love, Victor.

The 10-episode spinoff of the 2018 big-screen romance Love, Simon follows Michael Cimino’s character as he struggles with his sexuality while adapting to a new city (Atlanta) and a new school. “Most of the time [a move like that] makes [figuring out these questions] a lot harder, because trying to navigate this new world is hard,” Cimono says.

The fact that there are no preconceived notions about this Texas transplant should work in Victor’s favor. But when Victor starts dating a classmate named Mia (Rachel Naomi Hilson), Cimino says, “Victor makes there be preconceived notions about him. He’s on his way to a very tough first few months at school.”

There are ups and downs coming Victor’s way. He will gain new friends, meet a possible love interest in Benji (George Sear)—as a sneak peek shows, there’s nothing like getting close over an espresso machine—and seek advice from the franchise’s original protagonist, Simon (Nick Robinson), who has graduated and moved to New York City.

With Simon, Victor is able to admit “this big secret he couldn’t tell anyone else…[or even admit to] himself,” Cimino says. “Victor uses Simon as a rock,”  Still, the actor teases, “Not everything is as it seems.” For example, while Simon’s input is valuable, viewers must keep watching to find out exactly why it’s “so on point and so great.”

Love Victor Michael Cimino Anthony Turpel Felix

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Another “rock” for Victor is his neighbor and pal Felix (Anthony Turpel), whom he meets—along with Mia and Lake (Bebe Wood)—as he starts at Creekwood High School. “Each one of Victor’s new friends really does add an interesting element to his life,” Cimino says. Felix is someone “he can always count on…even though he’s goofy and Felix is still figuring out this life as well.” And while Mia “understands” Victor, she, too, is in the dark about what he’s hiding, Cimino previews.

It’s Victor’s family that matters most to him, “hands down,” Cimino says. “Even in the first episode, we see how much weight Victor’s carrying on his shoulders from [his struggle with his sexuality]. His whole family relies on him, and he doesn’t want to disappoint them or divide them or make them worry about him.”

If you think that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you might be right. “Victor keeps trying to navigate the world and figure out who he is while also trying to hold his family together—be the glue, so to speak,” Cimino says. And as time goes on, “That’s something we see unravel.”

Love, Victor, Season 1 Premiere, Wednesday, June 17, Hulu