‘The Baker and the Beauty’s Daniel Is Arrested in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Actions have consequences, as Daniel (Victor Rasuk) is about to learn on The Baker and the Beauty.

In the last episode, he got into it with paparazzi — particularly freelance journalist Kurt Malick (Michael Rady) — and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at the aftermath in Monday’s episode.

When the police show up at the bakery, Daniel lets them in, only to find out why they’re there. Watch the clip above to see just how much trouble he’s in.

Near the end of “Side Effects,” the media was waiting when Daniel left Vanessa’s (Michelle Veintimilla) house. “Does Noa know you’re here?” Kurt asked, then pushed with, “Which one’s better in bed?” Though Daniel was walking away, he turned back and punched him.

Noa Daniel Baker and the Beauty Episode 7

(ABC/Kenneth Rexach)

In Monday’s episode “Blow Out,” Noa (Nathalie Kelley) is blindsided when an unlikely opponent tries to take control of her company. Meanwhile, an old friend helps out Daniel after a series of setbacks, and Natalie (Belissa Escobedo) keeps defying her parents and enjoys the freedom of her newfound rebellion.

The Baker and the Beauty, Mondays, 10/9c, ABC