7 Most Memorable Moments From the ‘Orphan Black’ Table Read Episodes

Sarah as Alison - Clone Swap Orphan Black
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Are you ready for a Clone Club reunion? The cast is getting back together this Sunday to provide some happiness and support for important causes, by presenting a table read of two Orphan Black Season 1 episodes, “Variations Under Domestication” and “Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner.”

These episodes, which originally aired in 2013, included moments that the sci-fi series’ multi-talented star Tatiana Maslany called “iconic,” adding that they both “really set the tone for what the show would end up being.”

Episode 6 (“Variations Under Domestication”) took viewers to the suburbs for a hijinks-filled day (with a little Spice Girls thrown in), while Episode 7 (“Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner”) really delved into the world of Neolution—and cemented trust (at least for the time being) between Sarah (Maslany) and monitor Paul (Dylan Bruce).

Scroll down to relive some of the most memorable moments from these two episodes ahead of watching the cast’s table read.

Suburban Craft Room Torture

Suspecting that her husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun) is keeping secrets from her—including the fact that he’s her monitor—Alison (Maslany) gets a bit creative as she seeks answers about his late-night wanderings.

The Beginnings of Cophine

While Sarah and Alison were both suspicious of the people they were closest to in their lives, scientist Cosima (also Maslany) had just met Delphine (Evelyne Brochu). While she questions if Delphine is her monitor, she couldn’t stay away.

Paul Learns the Truth

After Paul discovers that “Beth” was really Sarah, he does some digging into who she really was, even going so far as to follow her to Alison’s house. But when they returned to his place, she told him the truth: “Clones. … We’re genetic identicals.” While the two of them would drift apart—and more about him would be revealed—after this moment, he protects her from Neolutionist Olivier (David Richmond-Peck).

Olivier’s Tail

Welcome to the world of Neolution and body modification. Who can forget Helena (also Maslany) cutting off Olivier’s tail and dancing with it in his club?

Clone Swap!

Over five seasons, viewers watched the clones take each other’s places time and time again. But this was still quite new this early on in the series, and Sarah not only had to pose as Alison to try to get answers out of Donnie in the craft room, but around Alison’s friends as well … all while Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Vic (Michael Mando) was around thinking she was running a con.

Vic’s Misfortunes

Vic wasn’t exactly a nice guy (read: a sometimes violent drug dealer), but that didn’t mean he deserved everything that happened to him. But when he showed up at Alison’s expecting a cut of the con he thought Sarah had going on, Paul intervened … and it was so satisfying to see him nail Vic’s hand to a chair in the garage.

Sarah and Mrs. S Discuss the Past

Orphan Black Maria Doyle Kennedy Tatiana Maslany Behind the Scenes Season 1

(Christos Kalohoridis/BBC America)

Sarah and her foster mother Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) had a tense relationship at the beginning of the series, but slowly, the latter began opening up about the past—beginning with the fact that she had to often hide Sarah as a child to keep her safe. And when she had to, Mrs. S left everything she knew and ran with Sarah and pal Felix (Jordan Gavaris).

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