Go Around the Globe in ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Season 3 (VIDEO)

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3

Writer, producer and actor Phil Rosenthal (Everybody Loves Raymond) is back at it in a new season of Netflix’s globe-trotting series Somebody Feed Phil: The Third Course.

With a remarkable love for food served with plenty of laughs, Rosenthal continues his tasting tour of the world with five new episodes of the docuseries. The comical culinary experience will bring viewers to five cities, including Marrakesh, Chicago, London, Seoul and Montreal.

Ahead of the season’s May 29 arrival, Netflix is offering a peek at what’s to come as Phil meets with new friends and experiences culture across the globe. In Marrakesh, Phil will be given the warmest welcome as he savors lamb, gets a pop quiz on spices and commits a couscous faux pas while taking part in a family dinner.

In Chicago, Phil and his daughter devour deep-fried hot dogs, delicious pie and the town’s famous deep-dish pizza. Then, when he travels to London, Phil indulges in a range of delights from fish and chips, to venison nosh with friends old and new.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3

(Credit: Netflix)

As a fan of Korean food in Los Angeles, Phil is eager to try tteok-bokki in the South Korean city of Seoul, where he also feasts on crab and gobble-fried chicken with a K-pop star. Finally, in Montreal, Phil will munch on bagels and chicken as well as dine with a “cheeky chef.”

Don’t miss the fun, check out the trailer below and tune in for new episodes of Somebody Feed Phil beginning May 29.

Somebody Feed Phil: The Third Course, Premieres Friday, May 29, Netflix