Slay One on Us! Jonny Beauchamp Previews the ‘Katy Keene’ Finale (VIDEO)

What the world needs now, is Keene, sweet Keene. And a little Ginger spice!

Of course, we speak of the delightfully romantic, utterly quotable and endlessly charming Katy Keene and Ginger Lopez, the drag-queen alter ego of Jonny Beauchamp‘s Jorge Lopez. Inching up to its first-season finale tomorrow night, the Riverdale spinoff set in the part of the Archie-verse where people are actually happy, the show has been a blessing for viewers looking for a heart-shaped escape from the craziness known as the real world.

Jonny Beauchamp Drags 'Katy Keene' Into Its Fiercest Episode YetSee Also

Jonny Beauchamp Drags 'Katy Keene' Into Its Fiercest Episode Yet

Ginger Lopez! Live on stage in 'Kiss of the Spider Woman'!

That’s not to say we aren’t in for piles of emotional moments. This is a season finale, after all. There is a major turning point for Katy (Lucy Hale) in her relationship with designer Guy LaMontagne (Luke Cook), and an almost-truce between songbird Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) and song thief Xandra Cabot (Camille Hyde, who gets her best material of the season). Plus, prepare for a Lopez family situation — and land-developer crisis — that is so complicated, it can barely be solved with a raucous performance of a Gloria Estefan hit. Still, the joy outweighs the drama and the season ends on the kind of hopeful note we all need right now.

Above, Beauchamp, one of the brightest new stars of the TV season, shines some light on the evolution of his groundbreaking character, how he and the Keene team is keeping in touch, and what could be in store if they get a Season 2.

Katy Keene, Thursdays, 8/7c, The CW