‘Snowpiercer’ Cast Previews the ‘Law and Order’ of the Train (VIDEO)

“The train is not what he thought it was,” Daveed Diggs teases of the new TNT post-apocalyptic drama, Snowpiercer, which takes place after the world has turned to a frozen wasteland and those left live on a perpetually moving train, divided in classes.

Diggs, Alison Wright, and Mickey Sumner sat down with TV Insider’s Damian Holbrook to preview the show’s world and their characters, as well as what it was like to watch the filming process.

Obviously, not everyone is a fan of Mr. Wilford; their opinions do depend on where they’re located on the train. Wright’s Ruth, who works in the hospitality department, thinks he’s “the bees’ knees and wants to keep his law and order on the train,” she says. Meanwhile, Diggs’ Andre, from the tail, is “less of a fan.”

But it is Andre who is going to learn quite a bit more about the train after he gains access to help out with a situation due to his past. And he will meet Sumner’s Bess. “I spark up a very lovely friendship with [her],” Diggs teases.

Daveed Diggs Mickey Sumner Snowpiercer TNT

(Justina Mintz/TNT)

Bess is the train’s version of law enforcement, “the muscle,” the actress says. “We are hired by Wilford to make sure the law and order is alive and kicking.”

Watch the video above for more from the cast, including their takes on Andre’s moral compass, how the train works on set, and more.

Snowpiercer, Series Premiere, Sunday, May 17, 9/8c, TNT