Can ‘Will & Grace’ Figure Out Who Sent Which Baby Shower Gift? (VIDEO)

Will & Grace is about to say goodbye (again), and as the end nears, the titular characters are preparing to welcome their babies into the world.

And that means going over the gifts they received at the baby shower in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the penultimate episode. After all, they have to finally send those thank you notes; the event was six weeks earlier.

Grace (Debra Messing) lists what Will (Eric McCormack) calls “excuses” (“I’m so tired and pregnant”) and “facts” (“I’m hungry, I’m lazy, I’m gassy”) in her protests, but he won’t have it. She was the one to lose the list of who sent what, he points out, but she corrects him: she never made it in the first place.

Watch the clip above to see them go through the gifts and figure out who sent what using “obvious clues.”

Elsewhere in “New Crib,” Karen (Megan Mullally) pulls out all the stops in Blattsville for a big celebration for her baseball team’s championship to humiliate Stanley and Danley Walker (Patton Oswalt). While there to support Karen, Will and Grace check out an open house by a local realtor (Yvette Nicole Brown), leading to a conversation about their future living arrangement.

Will & Grace Season 11 Episode 17 Karen Jack

(Chris Haston/NBC)

Plus, Jack (Sean Hayes) learns he’s a local celebrity in Blattsville and must decide if he wants to pursue his dreams in the city or become a big fish in a small pond.

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