The Annual ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Halloween Episode Is Here — With an Easter Twist (RECAP)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7
Spoiler Alert
John P. Fleenor/NBC

[WARNING: MAJOR spoilers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 episode 11, “Valloweaster,” follow.]

It’s time to celebrate — the annual Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween heist episode is here. Just in time for Easter.

As it turns out, that later date wasn’t by the precinct’s choice. A surprising and hilarious chain of events forces the squad to postpone the heist to a later holiday; and as usual, once it gets going, it really gets going.

A New Challenge

So, this year’s heist takes place on Easter, as made obvious by the tons of people in bunny costumes in the precinct at the beginning of the episode. But how did everyone get there? Six months earlier, Jake announces the Halloween heist. He lays some ground rules for decorum, saying there’ll be no betrayals because they’ll all be handcuffed to their partners.

Rosa’s assigned to work with Scully, Amy with Boyle, Jake with Holt. They’re all going to be trying to claim the “infinitude gems” for Jake’s replica infinity gauntlet, and whoever has them at midnight wins. Team Jake is first to make its move in a smoky precinct, but after Jake gets the gems from Bill, he drops them; Holt uses Cheddar to retrieve them. This seems like a great move… until Cheddar swallows them. The vet says Cheddar can “pass” the gems, so Amy declares they’ll “do the heist again when they have free time.” It all starts again on Valentine’s Day.

Another Holiday Heist

The teams start planning their next move, but suddenly, a small army of florists arrive with flowers for Bill. When they leave, the gems are gone. As it turns out, Rosa snagged them and gave them to Scully… and he then swallows them.

This turn of events brings the heist to Easter (Rosa’s partnered with a filing cabinet this time, because it has the “same skill set” as Scully). Team Jake again makes its move — they’re going to fill the precinct with people in bunny costumes, then blend in with costumes of their own to get the gems. Except Amy knows that’s Jake’s plan, and she and Boyle have bunny costumes, too.

The New Amazing Human/Genius

They all start fighting, and one person manages to get the gems: it’s Rosa! How’d she do it? Months ago, she realized Cheddar would make an appearance at the heist and made him develop a taste for ham, and then she made the gems smell like ham so he would swallow them. She used the same tactic on Scully. Then, she pushed everything to Easter so she could get rid of Scully as her partner.

She got Terry to help her break free from her filing-cabinet partner, and she eavesdropped on Jake’s fake therapy sessions (like Amy did) to figure out the bunny costume plan. And what’s more, she has all three sets of gems: she switched them out during the earlier heists, making her a three-time winner. All hail Rosa Diaz, a truly amazing human/genius!

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