‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: Angelina Gets Handsy at the Club With Another Guy (RECAP)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation recap
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We’re back with another episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and tonight, we pick back up where we left off with the girls at the strip club still celebrating Jenni’s divorce party. But things quickly go from fun to awkward when Angelina’s guy friend, Mike, shows up and the pair start holding hands at the club.

Immediately, Jenni, Deena, and Snooki become uncomfortable and call out Angelina for behaving that way with another man — especially when she’s currently planning her wedding to Chris and just asked them to be her bridesmaids.

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“Holding hands with one of my guy friends that I’ve known for 10 years is not cheating,” Angelina says.

But according to the girls, she does and says inappropriate things all the time and they feel defensive of Chris. “I don’t want to see a really good relationship torn apart,” Deena says.

Angelina Friend Mike Jersey Shore


On the way home from the club, Angelina tries to prove that her actions weren’t a big deal, so she calls Chris and tells him everything. Turns out, she was wrong — and Chris is uncomfortable with her spending time with this Mike guy.

The next morning, we learn that Ronnie and Pauly are leaving the house for a little bit: Ronnie to go spend time with his daughter in Vegas, and Pauly to perform two shows on the road. And while Mike is on a press tour with his wife Lauren, Vinny decides that he wants to throw him a surprise Italian feast for when he returns to the house.

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“My mom’s cooking is the best Italian food you’ll ever eat in your entire life. When Mike isn’t in prison, he looks forward to my mom’s chicken cutlets,” Vinny says. But it’s not just Vinny’s mom Paula who comes ready to serve the feast — it’s Uncle Nino, as well.

Needless to say, when Mike and Lauren arrive for the dinner, they are excited to dig in. But after dinner, Mike made a point to pull Uncle Nino aside to thank him for putting out a good word for him prior to leaving for prison. Apparently, Uncle Nino has connections with people in jail, and made a few phone calls warning his friends to watch over Mike during his sentence.

Jersey Shore feast


“The whole experience wasn’t fun at any particular time, but I appreciate you putting out the word,” he tells him.

The next day, Snooki and Deena plan to go wedding dress shopping with Angelina, but their plans are halted when they find Angelina arguing with Chris over getting too handsy with her friend Mike. To intervene, Jenni gets on the phone with Chris and explains that Angelina wasn’t trying to be malicious when she invited Mike out to the club, and deep down, knows she didn’t do anything wrong. Jenni’s plea was enough to smooth things over with Chris. Phew.

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The episode wraps with the girls heading out to go dress shopping. “I can’t believe I’m actually getting married. Ugh!” Angelina says with a smirk.

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