‘Preacher’: Cassidy Can’t Tell A Lie (VIDEO)

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Ruth Negga

Preacher’s resident vampire, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), might be good at a lot of things—like drinking whiskey and taking on vampire-hunters 30,000 feet in the air—but lying isn’t one of them.

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In this exclusive clip from Sunday night’s episode, Cassidy and Tulip (Ruth Negga) argue over Cassidy’s decision to tell—or not tell—preacher Jesse (Dominic Cooper) what he really is. While Cassidy claims that Jesse would understand (and that he’s already told him nine times, as it was worth repeating), Tulip presents a good argument—would a John Wayne-loving, preacher’s boy from West Texas really approve of Cassidy’s vampire lifestyle?

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Cassidy must not be quite so sure, because it seems like he might’ve revealed Jesse’s secret at the end.

Watch the exclusive clip:

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