Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Chicago Med’s 100th Episode

Chicago Med Season 5 100th Episode
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

On a Tuesday in January, the cast and crew of Chicago Med gathered into the set — the hospital lobby — and prepared to celebrate a milestone: 100 episodes. First, there were speeches, including one from Lisa Katz, co-president of scripted programming at NBC. “One hundred episodes is an impressive number, but here are some other impressive numbers: Chicago Med is the No. 1 most-watched show in its time slot this season. You are one of the top six most-watched dramas in all of television. And last season, the show reached more than 56 million viewers. That’s a lot of people.”

Also speaking was the famed producer of the series, Dick Wolf, who made a sojourn to Chicago especially for the event. “I continue to be thrilled that the One Chicago night on NBC is consistently winning all time periods in all demos. As Chicago Med leads off the evening, it has continued to grow its audience. And reaching the 100-episode landmark is gratifying, as it now joins its ‘siblings’ Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. as members of the 100-episode club.”

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Plus, Hannah returns to work in 'The Ghosts of the Past.'

As Wolf finished speaking, cast member Marlyne Barrett — who plays Maggie Lockwood on the drama — came running out. “Mr. Wolf, we have an incoming!” Out rolled a gurney pushed by Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer and Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe, trailed by the rest of the cast of Chicago Med. In the bed was a body — or was it?

Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead) playfully stuck his fingers in the body’s nose as Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton) hooked it up to a monitor that flashed “100” across the vital signs. Happy 100th episode, Chicago Med! A scalpel was wheeled out and S. Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin) helped Wolf cut into the body, only to reveal it as a lifelike red velvet cake.

Chicago Med Episode 100

(Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

After indulging in some human-shaped cake, the cast had a lot to say about filming 100 episodes and reaching such a big milestone, and even gave away a little bit about the episode.

Oliver Platt (who plays Dr. Daniel Charles) has a big storyline in the episode, called “The Ghosts of the Past.” “You’re going to meet a member of my family who’s going to come out of the past,” Platt shared. “The whole episode, the stories vibrate off each other sympathetically.” TV Insider has exclusively confirmed that that family member is Dr. Charles’ youngest daughter, 13-year-old Anna (played by Better Things‘ Hannah Alligood).

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Don't worry, there's going to be at least one happy moment in the milestone hour.

We had to ask about the most popular relationship on the show, “Manstead,” for fans of Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) and Will: “We haven’t lost hope that they could still live on, but they may need to grow separately to come back together. … There’s still hope for Mansteads,” said Gehlfuss.

After filming 100 episodes of the series, the group told us about some of their most memorable moments and episodes. Showrunner Andrew Schneider remembered the episode “where this young woman had a cockroach living in her sinuses” — yuck — and Platt recalled a Season 1 episode where a businessman living with depression walked out in front of a car, leaving Dr. Charles to figure out what really happened.

(Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

But the most memorable moment for Gehlfuss happened away from the cameras. “I witnessed an accident in Chicago. I was out one night with my show bro in Chicago P.D., Jesse Soffer, and we saw an accident happen. This car went into a little moat area of a construction site. He called 911, and I got this girl out of the car. It was flipped over, and it was wild, and she ended up recognizing both of us. … I felt this adrenaline, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is what it really feels like. I will take this into my fake world.’”

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