How the Identity of Amelia’s Baby’s Father Will Affect the ‘Grey’s’ Couples

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Amelia's Baby's Father Revealed
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 16, Episode 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, “Life on Mars.”]

Grey’s Anatomy finally revealed the identity of the father of Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) baby in the last moments of “Life on Mars.”

Not knowing had divided Amelia and Link (Chris Carmack), and while she still hadn’t told Owen (Kevin McKidd), Teddy (Kim Raver) was grappling with the possibility and what that could mean for her relationship. That led her to Tom’s (Greg Germann) hotel room two episodes back, and she was left dealing with the fallout heading into Episode 17.

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But in the end, it was happy news for Amelia and Link, as he realized he wanted to be with her no matter what and she shared, after they reunited, that the baby is his.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all sunshine and rainbows for everyone going forward. How will this affect the people directly involved or affected by the fact that the father’s identity was up in the air? We examine the couples below.

Grey's Anatomy Tom Teddy Owen Love Triangle


Teddy & Owen and Teddy & Tom

Poor, oblivious Owen at the beginning of the episode is going full steam ahead on wedding planning while Teddy clearly would rather talk about anything else. It just gets worse when they join Tom in the elevator for a very, very awkward ride.

When Owen tells Teddy he’ll send her wedding venues from his mother, suggesting that “it’ll help you figure out what it is you want,” Tom interjects with, “it’s important to know what you want.” Ouch.

It’s clear that Teddy doesn’t know what she wants. Rather than confess to spending the night with Tom, Teddy blurts out to Owen that the baby might be his and then goes back to Tom when her fiancé can’t immediately answer what that might mean for their relationship. But the episode ends with Teddy going home to Owen and still not telling him about Tom.

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And while Owen probably thinks that the identity of the baby’s father may be what makes or breaks their relationship, he really should be worried about the Tom factor. Though Teddy claims that she “acted impulsively” because of her fear about the baby’s father, she also tells Tom that he makes her feel good and was the one to go to him both times. Just because Owen’s not the baby’s father doesn’t mean she won’t still turn to him going forward.

There’s also the possibility that even once Owen and Teddy find out he’s not the baby’s father that she makes it an issue as she keeps her nights with Tom a secret. Plus, while Tom is a good guy — despite what he’s said — we’ve seen how he’s acted around Owen in the past. Who’s to say he won’t blow up Teddy and Owen’s relationship before they can even pick out a wedding venue?

Grey's Anatomy Amelia Link Baby Father

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Amelia & Link

They are easily in the best place of these three couples, but it is possible that his hesitation if the baby wasn’t his could come up again, simply because this is Grey’s Anatomy. But at least for the immediate future, they’re probably solid and fans shouldn’t be too worried about another break, at least not because of the baby.

But the season isn’t over yet and things can change in an instant.

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