‘Good Girls’ Sneak Peek: Rio Learns About Lucy’s Art Skills (VIDEO)

Good Girls is raising the stakes for some of its new characters as bad guy Rio (Manny Montana) seeks out Beth’s (Christina Hendricks) expert.

The episode titled “Au Jus,” airs Sunday, March 15 and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek clip from the installment. In the scene, artist Lucy (Charlyne Yi) encounters Rio for the first time, approaching him on the floor of the Paper Porcupine, where she works with Beth.

At first it’s not obvious who Lucy’s going to help at the store, until she says, “I like your tattoo,” and then the camera pans over to Rio. The pair have a cordial chat, and she unwittingly fills him in on her artistic history, explaining that she’s done tattoos and does all of the custom orders in the store.

“You mean, if someone wanted something special printed, you would draw it?” Rio asks pointedly.

Unaware that she’s exposing herself as an accomplice, she tells him customers choose everything and she does the drawings. “Yeah, but you draw it,” he presses.

Charlyne Yi Good Girls Lucy

(Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

“Yeah, and then we’d make an engraver’s plate and print it all onsite,” she adds, elaborating on the process of the shop’s orders.

“You know, that’s good, cause I’d really like to get rid of the person I’m using now,” he eventually reveals. What could it mean? Viewers will have to tune in Sunday to find out, but until then, check out the full clip above.

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