‘This Is Us’: Are You Team Kevin or Team Randall? (POLL)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 16 of This Is Us, “New York, New York, New York.”]

This Is Us set up quite the family divide in the fall finale, and at long last, we’re learning more about the future estrangement between brothers Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

In the March 10 episode, a clear divide began to form as their mother Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) mental care declined. Plagued with the anxiety that accompanies keeping such uncertainties regarding her memory a secret, Randall grappled with his mother’s possible — and then confirmed — diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

After Kevin and Kate (Chrissy Metz) are made aware of her condition, it becomes a bit of an unspoken competition for the brothers as they try to implement the best possible care. Randall’s approach is clinical and includes tests, experimental trials, and searching for what will keep Rebecca healthy longer. Kevin, on the other hand, is taking the laid-back approach to a new level, indulging Rebecca in her “Carpe Diem” whims including visiting Joni Mitchell’s old house and walking the red carpet together at his movie premiere.

A therapy session caused Randall to make some blunt admissions this season, among which was a slight disdain for his siblings’ lack of effort in helping Rebecca. A lack of trust also called into question Kevin’s ability to care for Rebecca as Randall expected to hear that he blew off taking their mom to her scheduled appointment. His assumptions were proven wrong, however, leading Randall and the audience to question if his role as lead Big 3 sibling is necessary.

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Things come to a head in “New York, New York, New York” between Kevin and Randall as they discuss the idea of a clinical trail that could help Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s. Kevin doesn’t want her to sign up for the nine-month program in St. Louis, but he agrees to support Randall in his pitch to her — within reason. They agree to wait until the day after the premiere, but Randall ignores this promise when Rebecca gets upset at Kevin’s premiere afterparty.

Needless to say, there’s bad blood forming for these two, and it doesn’t help that Rebecca informed them she won’t do the trial. Even though it’s Rebecca’s decision, Randall throws some blame in Kevin’s direction.

So we want to know which side you’re on in this sibling argument: Team Kevin, who is supporting Rebecca’s “Carpe Diem” ways, or Team Randall, who’s trying to save every bit of time and health Rebecca has left. Let us know in the poll below and don’t miss how things unfold as we approach the Season 4 finale.

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