Will Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Get a Season 2? Should It?

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Fans have become obsessed with the latest reality dating series, Love Is Blind. While the reunion special hasn’t even been released yet (Thursday, on Netflix’s YouTube channel), you’re probably already hoping for another season.

The streaming service has yet to renew it, but considering how much it’s gotten people talking, it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s at least a Season 2. However, should there be? There’s a case to be made for keeping a good thing going and one for letting it rest as a one-hit wonder.

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First of all, chances are if it’s brought back, people will tune in again. They may be more likely and quick to judge (and compare), but it will get viewers. And some may even subscribe to Netflix to tune in after hearing the buzz and possibly watching the reunion on YouTube. Plus, if you can binge it again, like Season 1 (four episodes, then five episodes, then the finale), you can watch it whenever you want without having to wait for the episodes to become available after a couple months.

Furthermore, while there are plenty of dating shows just in the Bachelor franchise alone, Love Is Blind stands out from them. Not only does being on a streaming service allow for less censoring (i.e., swearing and discussing politics and sex), but the format is different as well. Across the Bachelor Nation shows, there are hallmarks. But in this case, the contestants bonded on an emotional level, talking in pods, before meeting in person and seeing if they could form a physical connection as well.

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However, there are downsides to a second season and a show with this format (unless there are some changes) as well. Viewers — and contestants — are going to know what to expect from it. The longer a show lasts, the more likely there is to be manufactured drama, which is definitely a con.

And as fans learned with the first season, the turnaround can be longer than other shows in the same genre such as The Bachelor franchise. Love Is Blind was filmed in October 2018 (!) and contestants had to keep their relationship statuses secret until the season dropped on Netflix. If there is a second season, hopefully they can cut that down significantly.

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Another difference between reality shows is that unlike others which cast from across the country, Love Is Blind took all of its contestants from the same city. “We wanted to give them a real shot at making their love and their marriage work,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety. While that makes sense, it does limit the casting pool and locations for future seasons (i.e., they’re more likely to choose big cities to get a wide range of contestants).

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: Season 1 was a success.

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