'Love Is Blind': Which Couples Are Still Together? (PHOTOS)

Samantha Bergeson

Love truly is blind... though when you're dealing with 12 attractive single people like on Netflix's new reality dating show Love Is Blind, that might not be as much of an issue.

After finding their supposed soulmates in the blind pods, six couples vacationed in Cancun, Mexico, before meeting each others' families in Atlanta, and ultimately tying the knot. At least, that was the plan.

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How to Follow the 'Love Is Blind' Cast on Instagram (PHOTOS)

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Here is what we know so far about where each couple ended up after Love Is Blind — from fan favorites like Cameron and Lauren to divisive pairings like Mark and Jessica. Bear in mind that the show filmed way back in late 2018, so things could've changed since these pairs decided to walk down the aisle or split up in finale. We won't know for sure until the March 5 reunion special, but until then, here's what we know from the weddings episode and via social media sleuthing.

Love Is Blind, Season 1 Reunion, Thursday, March 5, Netflix's YouTube