‘Better Call Saul’: 7 Key Moments From ‘The Guy for This’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 3 of Better Call Saul, “The Guy for This”]

Better Call Saul‘s ramping up the drama as it raced into its third Season 5 installment on Monday night. The episode, titled “The Guy for This,” saw a lot of behind-the-scenes dealings for the Salamanca side of the cartel as well as the return of everyone’s favorite DEA Agent, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and his partner Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada).

Below, we’re breaking everything down from the chock-full episode, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

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From Nacho's dilemma to Jimmy and Kim's 'someday.'

Cutting a Deal

Better Call Saul Bob Odenkirk Michael Mando

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After being picked up by Nacho (Michael Mando) and fellow cartel men, Saul (Bob Odenkirk) is delivered to Lalo (Tony Dalton) with a proposition. In need of some legal services, the Salamanca leader tells Saul he’ll be a messenger for them with Domingo, a.k.a. Krazy-8 (Max Arciniega), who was apprehended in the previous episode when dime bags came sailing down the drain pipe at their dealing house. Apprehensive, Lalo pays Saul on the spot, making the task an easier yes in his eyes. Eventually he follows through, showing up with the promise of client confidence to Domingo as he passes along a note and asks how good he is at memorizing things.

Mike’s Dark Mood

Better Call Saul Jonathan Banks Mike

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Mike (Jonathan Banks) is seen at the bar, and his upset over Werner’s (Rainer Bock) death and his fight with Kaylee (Juliet Donenfeld) have gotten the best of him. While he drowns his sorrows, he gets agitated when he notices a postcard hanging on the wall — a callback to a conversation that he had with Werner last season. Mike asks the bartender to take the image down, and while there’s some resistance, Mike’s tone leads to results. But when he’s walking home later, Mike happens across a group of neighborhood thugs who follow him. Unaware of Mike’s skills, one of them goes to strike, but Mike basically breaks his arm and scares off the others. Will Mike be able to find his way out of this darkness?

Family Disapproval

Better Call Saul Nacho Varga

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Nacho’s father Manuel (Juan Carlos Cantu) shares the news that an offer has been made on his business and property. He explains that the value is far and above what the lot is worth, but he concedes that he believes Nacho’s behind the offer in an attempt to get him out of town. Well, this doesn’t sit well with Manuel, who tells his son he will not run away in fear.

Kim’s Crappy Day

Better Call Saul Kim Season 5

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When Kim (Rhea Seehorn) begins her day, she’s thrilled to have a slate of pro bono cases, but is quickly deflated when her Schweikart & Cokely boss Richard (Dennis Boutsikaris) tells her to cancel because Mesa Verde needs her assistance. Arriving on site at their building location, Kim’s directed to a standalone property where an old man (Barry Corbin), who has refused relocation payment to protest moving, is not budging. Kim does her best to reason with him, and while he attempts to cut a deal and make her sympathize with him, things devolve and she questions why he doesn’t follow the rules — which in this case involves a contract requiring the man to relocate despite his personal feelings.

Eventually as the episode progresses, Kim returns on her own and presents the man with some alternatives for affordable homes in different areas nearby and offering her own personal tale. According to Kim, she never had a home growing up and had to move at the drop of a hat, sometimes in the middle of the night. But the man doesn’t have sympathy, taking the story as a faux tool to play on his emotions. Needless to say, it’s not a great end to an already piss-poor day.

The Boys Are Back

Better Call Saul Hank Gomez

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It doesn’t take long for Hank and Gomez to surface as the pair arrive to listen to Domingo, who claims he has something to say about the drug bust. But before they get down to business, they have a comical back-and-forth about expired food as they visit the lockers. Eventually, they sit down, only to be burst in on by Saul who reveals himself as Domingo’s lawyer. After some side conversations, Saul sits down, but Hank’s not buying the scenario and says he feels like his chain is being yanked. But then they cut a deal — info in return for protection over Domingo following his release, essentially becoming an informant. Domingo tells them about dead drops that they can make a bust on in return for mercy, but the deal is contingent. But fans will have to see how the story pans out next episode.

Who Was Set Up?

Better Call Saul Saul Nacho

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When Saul meets with Lalo again, he questions who he’s set up in this scheme with Domingo. It’s almost certain that he’s set up his main adversary Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), but viewers will have to wait and see. When Saul tries to turn down future jobs, Lalo implies that he has no choice in the matter. The Gus setup is confirmed later when Nacho tells the Los Pollos Hermanos proprietor that the dead drops will be busted on his end. Even with this knowledge, Gus decides to keep to the plan, but we have a feeling he’s plotting something else.

Smashing End

Better Call Saul Season 5 Bob Odenkirk

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At the end of the episode, after their long days, Saul and Kim reconvene at their apartment where they toss beer bottles off of the balcony. After the time they’ve had, it only makes sense they’d be searching for such an outlet for their frustrations. Find out what happens next when Better Call Saul returns next Monday.

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