‘The Masked Singer’s Mouse Reveals the Friend’s Song She’d Chosen to Do Next

Dionne Warwick Unmasked Mouse Masked Singer Season 3
Greg Gayne/FOX

Another week of The Masked Singer, and another celebrity contestant unveiled.

Group B continued with the “Playoffs” on Wednesday, and it was Mouse who was unmasked after two performances. The panelists, for the most part, had already guessed correctly that it was legendary six-time Grammy award-winning singer Dionne Warwick in the costume. Robin Thicke named her after her first performance, Nicole Scherzinger joined him after the second, and Jenny McCarthy agreed before the unmasking.

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And she wasn’t too surprised about that (or Ken Jeong being the odd one out, with a guess of Tina Turner). “I wish there was a way I could’ve disguised my voice, but unfortunately or fortunately, it’s what it is,” she told TV Insider.

The clues package was also a big help. The prayer hands referred to her hit “Say a Little Prayer for You,” and “anything less than gold” was for her time hosting the ’80s show Solid Gold. The year 1979 on the football jerseys was for her album Dionne, while football was a nod to her being an honorary Raiders coach. “I think they chose the right clues, apparently,” Warwick said.

Dionne Warwick The Masked Singer Mouse Season 3 Unmasked Group B

(Greg Gayne/FOX)

The costume they first sent her was the right choice, too. “[The Mouse] was wonderful,” she shared, adding she’s “terrified” of rats and mice. “They sent me a photo of it and I just fell in love with the face. It’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. It looked something I wouldn’t mind wearing and the elegance of the gown itself suited me.”

As for her songs, she’d picked Oleta Adams’ “Get Here” and Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be (An Ever Lasting Love)” from a list, but what if she hadn’t been eliminated? “[One] of Gladys Knight’s,” she revealed. “It was an easy choice to make.”

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Speaking of Knight, who was unmasked as Bee in Season 1, she had a role to play in Warwick choosing to participate on The Masked Singer. “I had to think about it,” the Mouse herself admitted about the opportunity. “Then I said, why not? Two of my best buddies did it — Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle [Flower] — and then of course Chaka [Khan. who was unmasked as Miss Monster], she’s also a buddy. I said it looks like it should be fun.”

She was right; she did have a lot of fun during her two appearances. “I had a great time. Everybody was wonderful,” she said. “It was cool listening to the other contestants.” But it wasn’t easy for her to guess their identities. “You think you know, and then all of a sudden, it’s nowhere near that. The element of surprise is the joy of the show.”

“It’s a fun show, not only for adults but for children. Kids seem to really, really enjoy it,” Warwick added.

The legend, who wouldn’t mind hearing one of the contestants tackle any of her songs, joined skateboarder Tony Hawk (Elephant) as a Group B elimination. That leaves Taco, Kitty, Banana, and Frog left before the season moves on to the final group of six.

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