‘Visible: Out on Television’: Wilson Cruz on Why He’s ‘Amazed This Is My Life’ (VIDEO)

In 2020, it’s easy to take LGBTQ+ television characters for granted since they’re everywhere. Plus, actors and actresses are out and proud without any fanfare like we saw in 1997 when Ellen DeGeneres shocked the world and came out publicly and in her ABC sitcom, Ellen. Things may not be perfect but they sure have changed, right?

When looking back at those who helped push the movement forward in LGBTQ+ representation on TV, one of those actors who justifiably is always in the conversation is Wilson Cruz, currently starring on CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery.

Cruz memorably first came to public awareness with his ground-breaking role of gay teen Rickie Vasquez on ABC’s 1994 gone-too-soon drama, My So-Called Life. He’s not only been a presence in front of the camera since the days of Rickie but he’s also behind the camera as an executive producer of the new Apple TV+ five-part docuseries, Visible: Out on Television.

The five-part series, which drops all episodes on February 14, chronicles how far we’ve come in representing LGBTQ+ characters over the years. Visible features insightful interviews with important figures like DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Lena Waithe (The Chi), Dustin Lance Black (When We Rise), Tim Gunn (Making the Cut), George Takei (The Terror: Infamy), MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and so many more.

Each episode digs deep into themes of invisibility, homophobia, and coming out in the television industry. The narrators for the series are Waithe, Neil Patrick Harris, Margaret Cho, Asia Kate Dillon (Billions), and Janet Mock (Pose). Wanda Sykes is also an executive producer on the project.

Cruz sat down with TV Insider recently to talk about the show and how he feels being a part of history with his own journey. Watch the full interview above!

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