‘New Amsterdam’ Sneak Peek: Max Favoring Helen Complicates Her Work (VIDEO)

Max (Ryan Eggold) may love to ask how he can help, but he’s going to have to make a key adjustment to his favorite question in Tuesday’s episode of New Amsterdam.

Helen (Freema Agyeman) catches up to Max while he’s on a mission with one of her own in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of “In the Graveyard.”

She needs him to not approve one of her devices, leading him to ask, confused, “how can I not help?” As she explains, Castro (Ana Villafañe) didn’t approve it, so the request never should have reached him. While he may want to show he has her back, she is trying to keep the peace with the doctor who is now sole chair of the department. “I can’t have you favoring me,” Helen insists.

“I do favor you,” Max tells her. Since the device would help and make the hospital better, she can just say he’s favoring their patients, he suggests on his way out of the building. Where’s he going? Watch the clip above to see his latest pursuit to help.

New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 13 In the Graveyard Ryan Eggold

(Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

In “In the Graveyard,” the doctors stop at nothing to help their patients after a shocking realization that prompts a change in the hospital. Also, Reynolds (Jocko Sims) must make an important decision in his career.

As we saw in the winter premiere, Reynolds told Evie (Margot Bingham) he’d move to San Francisco with her so she could take a new job. But he’s been struggling with telling Max his plans ever since. Might this be the episode we find out if he’s going to stay at New Amsterdam?

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