‘God Friended Me’ Casts ‘Scandal’s Cornelius Smith Jr. in Key Recurring Role

Cornelius Smith Jr. God Friended Me
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Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) is about to meet someone who will get him closer to the truth about the God Account on God Friended Me.

TV Insider has learned exclusively that Scandal‘s Cornelius Smith, Jr. will recur as Corey Smith, the estranged son of Alphonse Jefferies (Carl Lumbly), who “has a deep tie to the God Account.” With his help, Miles is going to take a big step closer to unmasking the person behind the God Account. Corey plays a pivotal role in the final five episodes of the second season.

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Miles, Cara (Violett Beane), Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), and Joy (Jessica Lu) suspected that Alphonse was behind the God Account, but he denied it in Episode 12, “BFF.” As they’d learned, the friend suggestions were clients of Alphonse’s insurance company. However, he denied hiring anyone to hack his system and leave him a way to access those clients’ files.

And when they went to see the hacker, who pointed them in Alphonse’s direction, he was gone — and had left behind a Queen of Hearts card. How much does that hacker know? We’ll have to wait to see how he and Corey will play into the God Account mystery for the rest of the season.

Carl Lumbly God Friended Me Season 2 Alphonse Jefferies

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In addition to his role as Marcus Walker on Scandal, Smith Jr.’s previous TV credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Forever, Major Crimes, and All My Children.

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