Fran Drescher Talks the ‘Role Reversal’ in ‘Indebted’s Family

Fran Drescher Steven Weber Indebted Season 1
Trae Patton/NBC

Debbie (Fran Drescher) and Stew (Steven Weber) are in some serious financial trouble in the new NBC comedy Indebted, but fortunately, they have family to fall back on.

“We enjoy life a little too much. We spend a little too much money. We give away too much money. We don’t seem to be worried about the consequences of anything,” Drescher told TV Insider of her and Weber’s characters. And because “they didn’t plan for the future,” they end up moving in with their son, Dave (Adam Pally), and his family, and everyone has to figure out how to live together.

Adam Pally as Dave, Fran Drescher as Debbie (Trae Patton/NBC)

“They influence each other in different ways and for different reasons,” she previewed. “There’s a little bit of a role reversal because my son seems to be more parental than I am.”

And while it doesn’t look like they’re going to get their lives back on track anytime soon, this situation has done nothing to affect Debbie and Stew’s marriage — and Drescher loves portraying that for their generation onscreen.

Fran Drescher Indebted Debbie Stew Preview

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

“We’re a very happily married couple,” she said. “We’re madly in love, and we’re very tactile and we’re very affectionate, and we have a very healthy sex life and in many ways, our son and his wife look at us and think, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?'”

Debbie and Stew will be trying different ways to make money, but don’t expect anything to take. He tries being an Uber driver and a dog walker, while she thinks she can be a good life coach. “Nothing ever works out, and nothing will ever work out because that’s the nature of sitcom,” Drescher said. “Whatever the pilot is, that’s what the series is.”

Indebted, Series Premiere, Thursday, February 6, 9:30/8:30c, NBC