‘Lincoln Rhyme’ Stars on Those Packages, Lincoln’s Family & the Bone Collector

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Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector has gotten off to quite the chilling start — and that will continue, both with the cases-of-the-week and the titular search.

At the end of Episode 2, the Bone Collector (Brian F. O’Byrne) sent packages with (what else?) bones to both Lincoln (Russell Hornsby) and Amelia’s (Arielle Kebbel) homes. Those are “just one of many clues to come,” Hornsby told TV Insider at a recent NBC NYC press junket. The Bone Collector is “sprinkling breadcrumbs out for Lincoln and Amelia, and so we’re going to have to follow the yellow brick road.”

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“It’s terrifying,” Kebbel added. “Time is of the essence. He now knows where I live, meaning he knows where my sister lives. … Do I tell her? Do I not tell her? What do I do to keep her safe? The quicker we find him, the faster I know she’s safe.”

Though this season is “very Bone Collector-heavy,” Kebbel did say we’ll continue to see Amelia’s only family, her sister Rachel (Courtney Grosbeck), involved (but hopefully not in danger like she was in the pilot). “We definitely have some very special scenes coming up,” she shared.

Lincoln Rhyme Bone Collector

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And speaking of family, viewers learned at the end of the pilot that Lincoln has a family somewhere safe — but with the Bone Collector back in play, you should be “very worried,” Hornsby said. “We’re finding out that the Bone Collector is intelligent and very aware. Lincoln doesn’t necessarily know what he knows. You have to think that your family’s in imminent danger at all times because the man has tentacles. He can get around and get to many different places, so you really have to be mindful of where the family is.”

Will the others eventually learn about Lincoln’s family? Yes, and all Kebbel would say when asked about Amelia’s reaction was “WTF?”

Though the Bone Collector is “a constant presence,” the team will take cases of the week, Hornsby previewed, and in doing so, they’ll continue to grow together. “[They’re] finding that new dynamic based on Lincoln’s injury and how that affects everyone else. We have our training wheels on right now, but we will take them off by about Episode 5 and then we’ll be off to see the wizard.”

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'There will be a satisfying payoff to the Bone Collector story at the end of the first season,' exec producer Peter Traugott promises.

Finally, the flashbacks will continue to “add a little spice” and offer “a lot of context to who Lincoln was and how [they] relate to the present story,” he teased.

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