‘Steven Universe’ Is Almost Back!—Here’s 5 Reasons To Be Excited

Steven Universe
Cartoon Network

After months of waiting, Steven Universe will finally be returning to our television screens—and if it couldn’t get any better, it’ll kick off a four-week special event titled, In Too Deep.

As reported by EW.com, the Cartoon Network animated show—which has been renewed through Season 5—will begin May 12th, with two back-to-back episodes during a 30-minute special, continuing with one new episode per week for the following three weeks.

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Steven Universe

Steven Universe

The series was created by Adventure Time alum Rebecca Sugar and follows the adventures of Steven Universe (voiced by Zach Callison), the newest (and youngest) member of the Crystal Gems, a group of ageless alien warriors who defend the world from evil. Over the course of two seasons, the titular half-human, half-Crystal Gem hero has not only gained a solid grasp of his powers but has been begun to learn more about his Crystal Gem heritage, including Homeworld, where Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl (voiced by Estelle, Michaela Dietz and Deedee Magno, respectively) hail from, as well as the society amongst whom they’d once lived.

But the excitement for the show’s return isn’t just based on it’s months-long hiatus—though that did play a small part—which is why TV Insider is breaking down the reasons we’re excited for the show’s return.

The plot is getting thicker.
When the series last left off, it had been revealed that the Earth’s core was the home to a giant gem cluster—an artificial or forced Gem “fusion”—which the Crystal Gems were trying to neutralise before it destroyed the planet. As the trailer below shows, the returning episodes will pick up that storyline, infusing an increased sense of urgency to the Gems’ efforts to build their giant drill. Of course, the foreboding tone of Pearl slowly singing a line from the show’s theme song doesn’t make matters any less tense.

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The return of old characters.
As the show’s universe continues to expand, revealing new Crystal Gems as well as new aspects of their alien home world, there hasn’t really been a chance to really check in with a few older characters. That’s why it’s such a pleasant—and welcome—surprise to see Malachite, the Gem fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli (voiced by Kimberly Brooks and Jennifer Paz) back in action after the Season 1 finale saw Lapis drag their fused self into the ocean, trapping them. Unfortunately while this means that Jasper has probably broken free from Lapis’ control, it also grants Lapis the potential opportunity to finally unfuse and join sides with Steven & Co. But they’re not the only ones worth getting excited about, as the trailer below shows, the new episodes will also feature the return of Steven’s watermelon creations… Possibly facing off against Malachite!

Steven Universe

Steven Universe

The possibility of new songs.
One of the biggest hallmarks of this CartoonNetwork animated series is it’s original music. Over the course of two seasons, we’ve watched the show’s musically-inclined characters sing about everything from the importance of their romantic relationships and loyalty to one another, to celebrity culture and driving a van into a heart. With five new episodes premiering, it means there’s a pretty good chance the show will feature a catchy new tune as well.

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The ongoing development in the Gems’ relationship dynamics.
As of January, the Crystal Clods Gems have added another member to their roster: former antagonist Peridot (voiced by Shelby Rabara). While this granted the show an opportunity for some great Gem-out-of-water comedy, it also allowed it to explore Gem dynamics back on home world, while comparing them to that of the Crystal Gems here on Earth. In doing so, we got a glimpse of the Gems’ backstories and gained a deeper understanding of Peridot herself.

It’s about life and death and love and birth… and peace and war on the planet Earth.
To borrow a lyric from the show’s latest “Steven Bomb,” the series isn’t just about defending the Earth from the alien beings who threaten it’s welfare, it’s also about exploring all the things that make living on this planet—and being human—so special. In more than 50+ episodes, Steven Universe has explored the complexity of relationships (romantic, platonic and familial), the importance of following your heart, and the different ways people (and Crystal Gems) experience grief and loss—things rarely seen in children’s television. In a sea of TV anti-heroes and characters succumbing to their dark sides, Steven Universe offers a breath of fresh air as its titular hero and his cohorts remain hopeful and optimistic, even in the face of increasing danger.

Watch the trailer below.

Steven Universe, Season Premiere, Thursday, May 12th, 7/6c, Cartoon Network.