‘Containment’: David Gyasi Reveals His Gross-out Moment

David Gyasi in Containment
Quantrell Colbert/The CW
David Gyasi

Tonight on the CW, comes an infectious new drama from from executive producer Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals). When a fast-moving and always fatal virus erupts in downtown Atlanta, the government acts quickly to contain the threat and builds a massive fence-ringed quarantine zone in the urban center.

David Gyasi

David Gyasi found his favorite cover when he visited the TV Guide Magazine offices.

David Gyasi (Interstellar, Cloud Atlas) stars as Alex “Lex” Carnahan, a Major in the Atlanta Police department who is chosen to be the government’s face of reason in these chaotic times. But his commitment to keeping order and maintaining the sanctity of the cordon is tested—as he has loved ones inside the walls. “To use the word duality — it’s a good word for Lex. He’s constantly straddling these two worlds metaphorically and physically; because there are these people on the other side of the coin— those on the inside and those on the outside.”

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Gyasi said the virus plays on our innate desire to comfort and help others when they are in pain. “In Containment,” he said, “the virus needs our humanity to survive,” as the virus travels easily to anyone in close proximity, rendering caregivers particularly vulnerable. With a single cough, an entire family can be decimated.

The storyline whips between those inside the cordon, who are as desperate to stay safe as they are to find a cure, and those who remain outside, who are fear for their loved ones and struggle to keep the danger quarantined.

Gyasi admitted that spending time surrounded by viruses—albeit fake ones—has changed his way he sees the world. “When I first did it, seriously, it was very difficult to travel anywhere; sometimes you’d be in the bathroom and someone hadn’t dried their hands properly. It was a real thing, it did affect me.” Gyasi is able to laugh now, but recalled a time he had a Containment-like gross-out moment.

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“After we’d wrapped, I was in bar with my wife and a couple of the cast members,” he said. We were standing — we were waiting to order — I just started eating these nuts from the bowl that was on the table. Once I’m filming, I wouldn’t eat shared nuts anyway, but I thought, ‘These are my friends.’ Then we realized that it’s not actually our table, but someone else’s. I was eating someone else’s nuts!” LOL and Eew, David!

Happily, Gyasi didn’t come down with any of the symptoms of Containment’s virus, which are deliciously graphic. The series’ production designers must have spent fortune on body fluids, making for a freaky-fun ride that left me reaching for the hand-sanitizer.

Containment, Tuesdays, 9/8c, The CW.