‘Locke & Key’ Showrunners on the Universal Appeal of the Netflix Series

Locke & Key

Ready for the next Stranger Things?

Locke & Key co-showrunner Carlton Cuse (Lost) hopes you’ll consider this series, based on writer Joe Hill and illustrator Gabriel Rodriguez’s comics, a worthy successor to the Netflix hit, particularly for its universal appeal.

Netflix's First 'Locke & Key' Trailer Will Have You Screaming (VIDEO)See Also

Netflix's First 'Locke & Key' Trailer Will Have You Screaming (VIDEO)

The long-awaited adaptation is finally happening, and now we have a real first look with the spooky new trailer.

“We worked hard to make something that people can watch together,” he says.

After the death of her husband, Rendell (Bill Heck), Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield) moves with her children, inquisitive Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), introspective Tyler (Connor Jessup) and smart Kinsey (Emilia Jones), into Rendell’s ancestral home.

Locke & Key

(Credit: Netflix)

The kids find keys with various powers…and a demonic force trying to claim them.

Over the season, co-showrunner Meredith Averill says, the Lockes will learn about their father “and what he and his friends did 25 years ago that has led to this demon.”

Locke & Key, Series Premiere, Friday, February 7, Netflix