Mike’s Morning Takes a Turn in ‘Last Man Standing’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

It’s not often that viewers see Last Man Standing‘s Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) in a bright and chipper mood, but the lovable curmudgeon proves to be just that in Thursday’s episode, “Bedtime Story.”

Even if it’s just fleeting, Mike’s whistling-good mood is jarring, especially for exchange student Jen (Krista Marie Yu). In an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming installment, Mike takes Jen aback when he greets her with, “How are you this lovely fine day?”

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'Last Man Standing' Sneak Peek: Mike Gets Sneaky With Kristin's Gender Reveal (VIDEO)

This week, fans are being treated to a special hour-long block of the comedy.

The confused student asks him about his whistling, to which he answers, “It’s a beautiful zip a dee doo dah day!” So, what could have sparked such joy in Mike’s morning?

We quickly learn he spent the night alone, sleeping in a separate bed from wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis). After highlighting the joys of sleeping solo, Vanessa walks in and exclaims how poorly she slept, stating that their sleeping apart is never happening again.

(Credit: Fox)

Will Mike’s hopes for more sound sleep be dashed? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but the episode description suggests that Vanessa’s snoring has something to do with Mike’s sleep deprivation.

Meanwhile, this week will also see Mandy (Molly McCook) go overboard to prepare for Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Ryan’s (Jordan Masterson) baby. Don’t miss it when Last Man Standing airs Thursday.

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