Blocked or Not? Would You Survive Netflix’s ‘The Circle’? (QUIZ)


Netflix’s new reality series The Circle blends familiar aspects of other TV competition series in a unique and exciting way.

Challenging competitors to interact only through screens while confined to individual spaces, their lives depend on social media savvy. While some players use their own faces in the game, others are taking advantage of the screen-only communication and catfishing their fellow competitors.

Playing the game, cast members are either ranked high enough to be influencers — who get to choose who is blocked (eliminated) from the competition — or they’re removed from being a potential $100,000 prize winner.

Considering the extreme situations the contestants endure, we’re letting readers find out if they’d survive the series as a player. Take the quiz below, which will let you know whether or not you’d get blocked in The Circle.

The three-week event on Netflix releases four new installments January 8 and January 15, so don’t miss what happens next!

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