’90 Day Fiancé’ Episode 10: Planes, Bikes, and Breakups (RECAP)

90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 7, Episode 10].

After a holiday hiatus, 90 Day Fiancé is back in full swing with marriage drama, shocking breakups, and weird gifts to welcome in 2020. Bring on the crazy!

Like Clockwork

Angela travels back to Nigeria AGAIN (seriously, she’s there literally every season) and Michael is excited to kiss her after what feels like “an eternity.” Well, to us this feels redundant. At least he brought her favorite cake that she can inevitably smash in his face.


At the airport Angela shows off her Botox and “track marks” because opioid drug use jokes always land well.

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Angela proceeds to ask Michael what exactly happened in the visa interview to try to find out why he was denied. Michael reveals that he didn’t focus on their engagement ceremony in Lagos — as shown in the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days — and Angela is convinced that this is why the K-1 visa interview was unsuccessful. “Put your goddamn pride down and let me help you!” she yells amidst slinging insults at Michael’s “hard headedness.”

Later at the hotel, Michael gifts Angela a custom clock of all their photos, and yes, most are official TLC portraits and not just personal candids. Anyone else feel a biological clock joke coming?


Then Angela shows off thongs that she bought Michael to wear and we can all guess what the rest of their evening looked like.

Ukraine-n’t be Serious

Mike prepares to leave Kyiv but his joint couple interview with Natalie shows that their relationship is still strained. Natalie tells the producer interviewing them that she’s in a “great place” with Mike, but when asked whether she loves him, she goes silent and looks down. “I think we have potential because he’s a good guy,” she finally responds. “It will grow to love … It would be a lie from my side to say ‘I love him.'”


“That’s a f***ing wrap for me,” Mike mutters as he takes off his mic and leaves. Natalie doesn’t even react at his departure, proving her icy blue eyes may have been indicative of her frozen demeanor all along.

Juliana’s Past

Juliana shows off her new bike for her seventh — wait, 23rd — birthday. She is so excited about having some form of independent transportation, but come on Michael, please get this woman a proper car eventually. Juliana bikes a duffle bag of soon-to-be stepdaughter CeCe’s cheerleading gear to Michael’s ex-wife Sarah, who stresses that coparenting is “very convenient” when they all live so close to each other.


Juliana and Sarah chat over coffee, where Juliana shares it’s been difficult not working in the U.S. She’s been modeling since age 15, but after first being discovered, she was forced to live on her own under questionable terms. After three horrific months, Juliana returned back to her hometown and joined a church where apparently she couldn’t show her legs or wear makeup.


“I think the church was a cult,” Juliana reveals. The pastor introduced Juliana to her ex-husband when she was 17; he was 34. Juliana’s abusive relationship led to her self-described escape from both the religion and her marriage, and as she puts it, gave her the strength to return to São Paulo to continue modeling.

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Sarah and Juliana bond over Juliana’s vulnerable sharing of her past, and Sarah becomes protective of Juliana. “I feel like crying,” Sarah says, but Juliana tells her that Brazilians try to find happiness in everything.


“There’s so much more depth to Juliana that is so indescribable,” Sarah admits, and then apologizes to Juliana for being so rude to her at first, especially with the ‘don’t parent my kids’ comment.

Buzz Off, Mursel

Mursel comes by Anna’s house to pick up his things before heading to the airport to return to Turkey. “I can’t believe you’re not choosing me,” Anna says between tears.


“I love you Anna,” Mursel plainly states, but Anna just tells him it’s obvious that in fact he doesn’t. Anna asks him to just leave and never contact her again. They both begin crying.

Mursel, knowing always how to read a room, says “I want to kiss you,” to which Anna responds “I want to punch you.” No amount of beekeeping is going to mend this broken hive.

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Livin’ Like a Rap Star

Blake, who apparently runs his own record label, has a performance with one of his signed artists. He wears a ski mask while onstage, but Jasmin isn’t super into her fiancé’s alter ego. Also apparently Jasmin takes three hours to get ready to go anywhere, which is just insane.


Jasmin’s sister keeps Jasmin company during Blake’s performance, which may or may not have just been one song? To the sister’s credit, she keeps trying to encourage Jasmin to dance or engage with the show, but Jasmin admits she’s not a fan of rap music, or even Blake’s style specifically.


Blake’s closest female friend Rita is obviously trying to wedge herself between them, and her commentary of Jasmin not being supportive is accurate but also not her place. “It’s so easy for her to just come here, act her part, give the minimum, like bare minimum, come and use you and do what she needs to do just to come here and be with her sister, ” she tells him.

Like, Blake, stand up for your fiancé! If Jasmin is who you choose, don’t let your so-called friend talk like that about her — especially when this friend obviously wishes she was your fiancé instead.

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Tania Returns

Syngin goes to New York to pick up Tania, who is returning after a month in Costa Rica. “Time to go get my chick,” Syngin jokes as he holds an orange lily. Tania and Syngin embrace at the airport and say they don’t want to argue, just cuddle.


Then Tania smells his armpit which is one of her “weaknesses” and um, ok. She also apparently requests that Syngin pre-bites and maybe pre-chews apples to feed her … Tania, where did you come from?

Destination Wedding

A grumpy Angela refuses to eat local Nigerian food while Michael attempts at persuading her to get married in Nigeria so they can apply instead for the spousal visa. Angela says they should wait another month to see the updated status of the K-1, and then she will seriously consider a wedding abroad.


“It’s my family’s right to see their mother, their grandmother, their daughter, get married and I don’t think Michael understands that,” Angela confesses.

A Breakup?

In the aftermath of the interview, Mike returns to Natalie’s house to gather his luggage before his flight. Natalie apparently has previously told him many times before that she loved him, and Mike wants to know why she’s now refusing to explain her change of heart. Natalie keeps repeating that she doesn’t understand why Mike is hurt. “Nice going away party,” he deadpans.


Natalie then GIVES BACK HER RING, confirming they are done to Mike, but in a confessional interview, Natalie says it was just her way of trying to get a reaction out of Mike. “He could put it back on my finger, couldn’t he?” she says.

“I gave you a ring for a reason because it meant something. It just doesn’t mean anything to you,” Mike quietly tells Natalie as he folds his clothes. Then Natalie’s mother of all people hugs Mike and caresses his face as he cries on a bed. Natalie refuses to bring Mike to the airport unless he apologizes to her. Why he has to be the one to apologize is unclear, but regardless she lets Mike leave without a goodbye.

Taming of the Tania

Syngin and Tania seem to be back in sync with one another after being reunited. They both share the same values, according to Tania, and Syngin hopes to own land in the U.S. soon to grow food for them both because he “doesn’t trust the supermarket stuff.”


Andddddd then they immediately start arguing over Syngin’s ambition. He used to work in the mines in South Africa for seven years, and witnessed some of his friends’ deaths. Syngin says being in America is a new lease on life, and he is looking into being a firefighter, police officer, carpenter, or woodworker, while Tania voices her concerns about how long any of those career choices would take.

“I’m getting to the edge,” Tania tells Syngin, to which he says she should just jump over. “Jumping over means leaving you behind, so if you want me to go…” she threatens.

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“You won’t leave me behind, you might just set me free,” Syngin retorts. Tania says she’s been so “lenient” with him, which is ridiculously condescending given the fact she just left for a month. She then apologizes and says she just wants to be serious about her future and understandably build a stable life with him.

“What’s so hard about these 90 days is I can’t see his work ethic here,” Tania explains in a confessional interview.

Bridal Bliss


Michael’s mother arrives for his and Juliana’s wedding. Their backyard nuptials are only two days away and Sarah takes Juliana to the seamstress to alter her wedding dress. Juliana says she wants to be Sarah’s “best friend,” and Sarah warns her to not “hand her paychecks” to Michael during their marriage. Um, there is definitely a story here.


Sarah and Juliana share a beautiful moment when she tries on her wedding dress. Juliana opens up about her nervousness towards getting married again, and Sarah tells her not to worry, that she is “part of a big family now.”

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A Final Goodbye

Anna decides to drive Mursel to the airport to plead with him one last time to not leave. She explains that as soon as he exits the U.S., the visa is void and therefore so is their relationship.


Mursel even until the end doesn’t seem to fully get it. He leaves, and that’s it.

“I never thought we’d be here. He’s broken my heart,” Anna says.


Jasmin and Blake have more boring problems. Betsy and Emily go wedding dress shopping, to which Betsy bluntly says “I think you’ve got the right dress, now let’s hope you have the right groom.” Juliana’s family doesn’t text her on her wedding day, leaving her in tears before walking down the altar. Robert vents to his friends about Anny.


Tania tells a therapist that she doesn’t have “that full soulmate feeling” about Syngin, and that her first love was her true soulmate. Great thing to tell your fiancé.

Is yet another breakup on the horizon? Check out our recap next week for all the details.

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