Jimmy Kimmel Gives His Picks for Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Winner (VIDEO)

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Season 24 of The Bachelor began on Monday, January 6, so it’s time for Jimmy Kimmel‘s annual predictions for the final three contestants.

Jimmy had leading man Peter Weber on his show on Monday following the premiere, along with actress Tiffany Haddish, and explained his tradition — or really, his wife’s — of predicting the winner each season.

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“This is a tradition now on the show. As I mentioned earlier, my wife really makes these picks, I have no sense. I’m more of an expert on Dancing With the Stars. That’s what I’m good at,” Kimmel said.

“But my wife is very good at watching the show the first time, sometimes she doesn’t watch the show, sometimes she just looks at a picture, and she goes, ‘This is going to be the one, this is going to be number two, this is going to be number three.’”

The first person the late-night host believes will make it into the top three is Hannah Ann, who won Peter’s First Impression rose.

“Hannah Ann, you kissed her on night one. She got the First Impression Rose, she made you a painting, you seem to have a thing for Hannahs in general, she lives with her parents, too,” Kimmel reasoned.

“Next, Madison. First one-on-one date, you brought her home for your parent’s vow renewal, which you called the ‘ultimate date,’ and she seemed to like your family,” he continued.

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For his third and final pick, Kimmel selected Kelley, whom Peter had previously met in the lobby of a hotel about a month before shooting began.

“You seemed very excited to see her, you even lifted her up onto the bar and kissed her. She is an attorney, which means she can easily sue you if you do not select her,” he said.


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As for the winner? Well, Kimmel believes the last woman standing is going to be Hannah Ann. “The winner, if you can call it that, is going to be…..Hannah Ann,” he predicted.

We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see if the host’s picks are correct, of course, but do you think he’s on the right track? Who do you think is going to win Peter’s heart in the end?

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