John Oliver Fans Dressed as a Dinosaur and a Dragon Were Last Night’s Yankees ‘Fans of the Game’


Yesterday was Day 3 of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver‘s #IHaveNeverSatInAPremiumLocation contest that picked fans from among the “hoi polloi” and placed them into the premium seats at Yankee Stadium for a mere 25 cents. These fans have all dressed in crazy attire—first there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then came the sharks and unicorns. Finally, at last night’s game, came the dinosaur and the dragon, as you can see in the above photo.

The New York Daily News reported that the men were Chris Chestnut (in the purple dragon costume) and Nick Turchak (in the green dinosaur outfit). The outlet also reported that Chris and Nick were former frat bros at Villanova, so what a week for them! First their school wins the men’s national basketball championship, and now they have their moment in the sun thanks to John Oliver.

Although the guys reportedly arrived late for the game, they hilariously ended up being named the “Fans of the Game” on the Yankee Stadium video board during the seventh inning. Accompanying them on the screen was the message: “Thanks, John Oliver. Everyone is welcome at Yankee Stadium.”

So the Yankees have been good sports about all of this. It is presumably over, since Oliver said that he’d be doing this for the first three games. But with the floodgates opened, will we be seeing “copycat riff-raff,” who show up dressed like this just for kicks? Perhaps, but the Yankees DID say everyone is welcome.

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