Roush Review: You Won't See the Twists Coming in 'You' Season 2

Matt Roush
Review Netflix

Crazy begets crazy in the second season of You, the perversely addictive thriller about romantic obsession at its deadliest (its first season originally aired on Lifetime).

"Murder has a way of following you," observes Candace (Ambyr Childers), the vindictive — for good reason — ex of psycho lonely-hearts Joe (Penn Badgley). Her return prompts the bookish New Yorker to flee cross-country to L.A. and adopt a new identity as "Will." If only we could escape from his head and thoughts so easily….

'You' Season 2 Trailer: Joe's Past Follows Him to L.A. (VIDEO)See Also

'You' Season 2 Trailer: Joe's Past Follows Him to L.A. (VIDEO)

Joe finds his new obsession on December 26 on Netflix.

In a show as berserk as You, where there's a Will, there's also a way to scale new heights of madness — specifically when he finds himself falling in love with Love. Yes, a free-spirited woman actually named Love (a game Victoria Pedretti), who can cook too. But being with her also means coddling her unstable twin, Forty (the funny-sad James Scully), a spoiled brat with Hollywood delusions.

Beth Dubber/Netflix

Like Michael C. Hall's Dexter, Joe/Will gets into harrowing scrapes when trying to protect the relatively innocent — including foxy, spunky neighbors (Carmela Zumbado and Jenna Ortega) — from predators worse than him.

By the bloody end, with twists I promise you won't see coming, Joe has a new appreciation for the insanity of this thing called love.

YouSeason 2 Premiere, Thursday, December 26, Netflix