‘Outlander’ to Debut Season 5 Clip During Starz’s ‘Page to Screen’ Weekend

Outlander Season 5 2020

Starz is holding a special marathon weekend dedicated to their shows inspired by books, including The Spanish Princess, Dublin Murders and, of course, Outlander.

The marathon will begin Saturday, December 14 and carry through to Sunday, December 15 where Outlander fans will be in for a special treat. Ahead of the marathon though, Saturday, December 7 will give viewers the chance to catch up on beloved installments of Outlander through the seasons.

Beginning at 12:15pm ET/PT that day, fans can catch reruns of top episodes including Season 1’s “The Wedding,” Season 2’s “Dragonfly in Amber,” Season 3’s reunion episode “A. Malcom” and Season 4’s “The Birds & The Bees” when Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) meet for the first time. When those episodes finish out at 5pm ET/PT, the Outlander Yule Log takes over, providing fans the chance to feel like they’re part of the Fraser family.

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Caitriona, Sam, Sophie and more ease the droughtlander with their social media posts.

But those suffering through Droughtlander may want to stick around until the “Page to Screen” programming the following weekend, because nestled between episodes of Outlander and Dublin Murders will be a clip from Season 5. According to the press release, the clip will include the first four minutes from the premiere episode which will officially debut on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

“Page to Screen” begins the 14th at 10am ET/PT with the first three episodes from the limited series The Spanish Princess, inspired by Phillipa Gregory’s works — The White Queen, The White Princess and The Spanish Princess.

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Keep up with the Frasers amidst the Droughtlander.

Meanwhile, the following day at 11:45am ET/PT, catch the first three episodes from Outlander Season 1, followed by the first five episodes of Dublin Murders. The exclusive Outlander clip will air at 8pm ET/PT on Sunday, December 15 and will be followed by Dublin Murders‘ sixth episode.

And if the marathon is too far away, Season 3 of Outlander joins the first two on Netflix beginning Tuesday, December 10. Keep an eye out and don’t miss Outlander when it returns for Season 5 next year.

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