‘Outlander’ Season 5: See the Stars Behind the Scenes in Scotland (PHOTOS)

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outlander season 5 behind the scenes
Sophie Skelton/Instagram; Duncan Lacroix/Instagram; Richard Rankin/Instagram
outlander behind the scenes cast
Cesar Domboy/Instagram

It’s a family affair as Cesar Domboy captures his costars Sophie Skelton, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Lauren Lyle, Richard Rankin and David Berry in the field surrounding Fraser’s Ridge.

outlander season 5
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Duncan Lacroix and Maria Doyle Kennedy strike a pose in as their modern version of Murtagh and Aunt Jocasta.

outlander season 5 bts richard rankin john bell
Richard Rankin/Instagram

John Bell and Richard Rankin share a sun-drenched selfie together between filming scenes as Ian and Roger.

Outlander season 5 caitriona balfe
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Caitriona Balfe weilds a weapon in this beach shot shared by her onscreen daughter Sophie Skelton.

outlander season 5 lauren lyle behind the scenes
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

Lauren Lyle snaps a selfie with onscreen hubby Cesar Domboy and costar Caitlin O’Ryan between scenes.

Outlander Season 5 Sophie Skelton Sam Heughan bts
Richard Rankin/Instagram

Sophie Skelton and Sam Heughan get silly between scenes while dressed as their characters Bree and Jamie.

outlander season 5 caitlin oryan behind the scenes
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Caitlin O’Ryan takes a break from filming as Lizzie at the location of Season 5’s Fraser house.

outlander season 5 behind the scenes john bell
Cesar Domboy/Instagram

Cesar Domboy took this photo of costar John Bell as they rode horseback along a wooded trail.

outlander season 5 behind the scenes jamie
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sophie Skelton shared this photo of her onscreen father Sam Heughan in celebration of his birthday.

outlander season 5 behind the scenes lauren lyle
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

Lauren Lyle poses with Marsali’s faux pregnant belly in her trailer during Season 5 filming.

outlander season 5 bts lauren lyle duncan lacroix
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Lauren Lyle and Duncan Lacroix let their surroundings add to their late ’60s ensembles.

outlander season 5 bts sophie skelton richard rankin
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sophie Skelton, John Bell and Richard Rankin share a moment with the young actor playing Jemmy while on set for Season 5.

Outlander Season 5 BTS Caitriona Cast
Caitriona Balfe/Twitter

Caitriona Balfe took to Twitter to share love for her Outlander costars while they’re not filming.

Outlander Season 5 BTS Sam
Sam Heughan/Twitter

Sam Heughan takes a moment with one of the Adso kittens between scenes.

OUTLANDER S5 bts final duncan
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

“That’s it folks. A final wrap on Season 5 of Outlander,” Duncan Lacroix captioned this image. “Here with my erstwhile Godson. @samheughan Can’t wait for you all to see Season 5,” he continued. “Much Murtagh love to you all.”

OUTLANDER S5 bts final lauren lyle
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

“That’s a wrap on Marsali. What a ride. See you Feb 16th 2020 my good people,” Lauren Lyle captioned this fun version of a selfie.

OUTLANDER S5 bts final sophie
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sophie Skelton posted this image of her and onscreen mom Caitriona Balfe goofing around while filming.

OUTLANDER S5 bts final tim downie
Tim Downie/Instagram

Tim Downie commemorated his Season 5 work with this image of him in Governor Tryon’s uniform.

OUTLANDER S5 bts final duncan 1
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Duncan Lacroix shared this snapshot from the makeup chair, revealing his Murtagh transformation.

OUTLANDER S5 bts final caitriona
Caitriona Balfe/Instagram

As the series wrapped production on Season 5, Caitriona Balfe shared this silly image from the makeup chair on her Instagram story.

Sophie Skelton
Richard Rankin via Sophie Skelton's Instagram

Richard Rankin’s reflection pops up in this photo taken of costar Sophie Skleton who dons Brianna’s red wig.

OUTLANDER BTS s5 sophie 3
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sam Heughan strikes a pose on the beach in this image taken by onscreen daughter Sophie Skelton.

OUTLANDER BTS s5 sophie 1
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

The Frasers — Sam Heughan, Catiriona Balfe and Sophie Skelton — huddle for warmth between scenes.

OUTLANDER BTS s5 lauren 1
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

Things get silly when the cameras aren’t rolling on star Caitriona Balfe.

OUTLANDER BTS s5 sophie 4
Richard Rankin via Sophie Skelton's Instagram

“Bree and her wee boy,” Skelton captioned this image snapped by Richard Rankin.

outlander s5 bts
Sam Heughan/Instagram

The Frasers who laugh together stay together. Sam Heughan shared this sweet “family” photo on Instagram.

outlander s5 bts 4

Star Richard Rankin shoots some photos of horses on set while in costume in this image shared by the Outlander Instagram account.

outlander s5 bts 3

Sophie Skleton shares a laugh with onscreen dad Sam Heughan in this shot shared by Outlander‘s Instagram.

outlander s5 bts 1
Richard Rankin/Instagram

Richard Rankin shared this shadowy image of himself on Instagram.

outlander s5 bts 2
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

Lauren Lyle gets ready for some scenes as Marsali in this mirror selfie.

outlander bts 2
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Onscreen mother and daughter Caitriona Balfe and Skelton pose for a selfie between scenes.

outlander bts 3
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

“Just love all round here on the #Outlander set,” Sophie Skelton wrote alongside this sweet pic.

Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sophie Skelton gets cozy with the set’s resident feline, Bear. “Bear and Bree,” the actress captioned the image on Instagram.

Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Duncan Lacroix shared this image of himself in character as Murtagh while wearing his Apple airpods. “Tech savvy old coot,” Lacroix captioned the snapshot.

OUTLANDER5 bts sam 1
Sam Heughan/Instagram

Sam Heughan shared this selfie with a kitten on set.

OUTLANDER5 bts cesar 1
Cesar Domboy/Instagram

“Been kickin’ doors for a long time, Marsali and I on a long ride,” wrote Cesar Domboy alongside this makeup trailer photo.

OUTLANDER S5 bts sam
Sam Heughan/Instagram

“Always good to have guests on set and @aishatyler is the sweetest of them all! Welcome anytime lovely!” wrote Sam Heughan alongside this image of himself with Tyler and costar Caitriona Balfe.

OUTLANDER S5 bts caitlin oryan
Caitlin O'Ryan/Instagram

Star Caitlin O’Ryan shared this photo with costar Lauren Lyle from set.

OUTLANDER S5 - Lauren Lyle
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

“Ready and prepared to play Fergus this season can’t wait,” Lauren Lyle joked about this image with her and costar Cesar Domboy’s script.

OUTLANDER S5 bts duncan
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Duncan Lacroix shared this selfie with former costar Graham McTavish while taking a break from filming Season 5.

OUTLANDER S5 bts richard
Richard Rankin/Instagram

“Apparently my horse closes her eyes when she jumps. Reassuring,” wrote star Richard Rankin in what appears to be a horseback riding practice session. He credited costar John Hunter Bell for teh image.

OUTLANDER5 new 1 sophie
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

“#HappyEaster to you all, from Big Ginge and Little Ginge,” Sophie Skelton captioned this image of her with onscreen father Sam Heughan

OUTLANDER5 new 1 cesar
Cesar Domboy/Instagram

“For Keeps…,” Cesar Domboy wrote about his turn in the hair and makeup chair on Instagram

OUTLANDER5 new 1 lauren
Lauren Lyle/Instagram

Lauren Lyle shared a video of herself in the makeup and hair chair on her Insta-story from set.

Untitled design (13)
Instagram/Sam Heughan

Star Sam Heughan celebrated his first day back on set with this car selfie on his Insta-story

Untitled design (14)
Instagram/Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan reunites with the show’s makeup artist and hairstylist Wendy Kemp Forbes in this recent Insta-story selfie

OUTLANDER5 sam group
Sam Heughan/Instagram

So this photo may not be recent, but it’s the image that star Sam Heughan captioned, “Getting ready for season 5!!!!!
Excited to be working with this talented family again. I’m so lucky!” on his Instagram page.

OUTLANDER5 sam script
Sam Heughan/Instagram

Heughan shared this image from the table read in his Insta-story.

OUTLANDER5 caitriona script
Caitriona Balfe/Instragram

“Mums the word on what’s inside … but here it is Ep 1 Season 5,” wrote star Caitriona Balfe alongside this selfie of her featuring the script.

Sophie Skelton/Instagram

“Returning to red! Getting ready for #Outlander #Season5 whoop whoop! Can’t wait to see the family again! @outlander_starz #vivelafrasers” Sophie Skelton captioned this image of her in Bree’s wig.

OUTLANDER5 sophie shoot
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Things are getting explosive behind the scenes as Sophie Skelton shared a sequence of shooting photos captioned “#Fridayfunday in the armoury.”

OUTLANDER5 sophie script
Sophie Skelton/Instagram

Sophie Skelton also shared a picture of her script captioning it, “Here. We. Go…!! #Readthrough #Outlander S5”

OUTLANDER5 duncan shoulder
Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

“It’s that time again. #OutlanderS5,” Duncan Lacroix captioned this photo of himself with an image of his character Murtagh in the background.

Duncan Lacroix/Instagram

Duncan Lacroix signals Murtagh’s return with this photo from the table read.

Cesar Domboy/Instagram

Cesar Domboy was excited to return to set in this screenshot from a recent Insta-story.

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Outlander may be on a break, but while fans wait for Season 6, the cast has been graciously sharing some new behind-the-scenes photos from the recent fifth season.

Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton and more have released new looks at their time on set during Season 5, allowing viewers a glimpse at some of the off-camera action. From table reads and scripts to shooting practice, there’s plenty to check out, courtesy of social media.

Scroll down for a never-before-seen look at the fifth season as you wait for Season 6 to begin production. Don’t miss seeing what the stars of this time-traversing series were up to on set!

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