‘God Friended Me’s Violett Beane on a Personal Friend Suggestion for Cara (VIDEO)

Prophet & Loss
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The God Account makes it personal for Cara in Sunday’s episode of God Friended Me.

In “Prophet & Loss,” Miles’ (Brandon Michael Hall) friend suggestion is Cara’s stepfather, Paul (Tom Everett Scott), who may be involved with an insider-trading scheme. Cara has her own ideas about how to handle the situation, leading to tension with Miles.

And this comes just after they met Gideon (T.R. Knight), who had to choose between love and the God Account and chose the latter. So, how complicated will things get for Cara and Miles?

TV Insider spoke with Violett Beane to find out.

We’ve seen the positive effect the God Account has had on Cara when it comes to her family. What can you preview about how that might continue or change in this next episode especially with the factor of Miles and the tension that results?

Violett Beane: Up until this episode, everyone’s had a happy ending. Everyone’s figured something out, even Cara herself, like you were saying, connecting her with her mom and Liv. So far, it’s all been for a very positive reason.

We’re [coming] off of the last episode where we find out that the first Miles if you will, Gideon, was told by the God Account he needed to give up love and walk alone in order to become the prophet and continue to do what the Account wants him to do. Whether or not Miles fully accepts that or thinks it’s going to be the same case for him, this episode, the friend suggestion being Cara’s stepfather, it puts that into light and it makes Miles have to ultimately make a decision.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek below of Miles meeting Paul:

Cara struggled with saying “I love you” to Miles. What you enjoyed about how their relationship has changed over these two seasons?

What’s really special about their relationship is as an audience member, you’ve gotten to see it from the very beginning. You’ve seen them not know each other and then become friends and through that friendship realize they have stronger feelings for each other. That’s something a lot of people can relate to. It’s also something that’s really sensitive because having been friends before, they don’t want to lose that aspect of their relationship.

This episode definitely tests them in a way they’ve never been tested before and some pretty interesting things happen.

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Cara started the season off in Paris, and those episodes were gorgeous.

Yeah, they were so pretty. That flat that Cara lived in? I’m like, “I’ll take it.”

Then she realized she belonged in New York and we see her following the God Account and its clues where it takes her. How much faith does she have in the God Account at this point?

She really does believe the God Account wants what’s best for the people it’s helping. This episode tests that because it makes it more personal, and when things are personal, you have a blind spot. The friend suggestion is her stepdad and he’s doing something that’s illegal, but she wants to handle it in the way she wants to handle it, similarly to when Miles got a friend suggestion for his Uncle Terrance. He didn’t go into it the same way he normally would have if it was just a random friend suggestion.

In the beginning of this episode, Cara really wants Miles to listen to her and to trust her and she wants to handle things. That isn’t exactly what ends up happening, and that’s where that tension arises between the two of them.

Returning to New York meant a change at work, and we’ve seen a bit of conflict there with Adam, though they are working together now. How is that dynamic different from the others we’re used to seeing for her and how does that challenge her in positive ways?

As of now, it pushes her to do better. Before she left for Paris, she was on top of the leaderboard every week. That competition is really pushing her to look at things differently. From my understanding, he will be back.

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