‘HTGAWM’ Star Rome Flynn on That Major Mole Reveal & Death

Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 9 of How to Get Away With Murder, “Are You the Mole?”]

It’s going to be a long break until the next new episode of How to Get Away With Murder (on April 2).

The fall finale catches us up to (most of) the flashforwards, as we learn the identity of the FBI informant and the person for whose murder Michaela and Connor are being questioned: Asher.

But before Michaela, Connor, and Oliver pull the confession out of him, a few other possibilities are floated around, including Laurel (who returns via a quick FaceTime call), Nate, and Gabriel.

Here, Rome Flynn breaks down a few key moments from the fall finale and teases what’s next.

Asher’s the informant, or rather, was. We already saw how that started to shake things up, but what can you say about that reveal and death and what it means moving forward? This is a major character to lose.

Rome Flynn: As a fan — I’d been a fan of the show before I had the opportunity to be on it — I feel like a lot of people are going to be sad. I’m going to miss Asher’s comedic timing. The show can get very heavy sometimes. People will be sad, but they’ll be shocked.

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Moving forward, the idea is now to figure out who did it, who had a hand in Asher’s death, and who else is involved with everything else going on — if Gabriel’s going to find out about Sam and where is Annalise. So many questions we have to answer.

Speaking of questions, we got a few parts of conversations involving Gabriel, such as him at the FBI, which left us wondering if he’s the informant. Will we see the rest of that play out?

The show is infamous for doing flashbacks, and it’s very possible that later down the line, we pick up where we left off in that scene. Initially, people will find out who the mole is and if Gabriel is a mole, too. Maybe there’s more than one.

The last time we see Gabriel in the episode, he answers the door and greets someone. Can you confirm or deny the possibility that that person was Asher?

I can’t.

Can you say if we’ll pick that up sooner rather than later and see the rest of that scene play out?

We pick right back up. From this point on, we’re going to be in present day for the most part, so whenever we come back, you’ll get to see who’s at the door for sure. They won’t keep you waiting too long to find out who it is.

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We also saw parts of Frank and Gabriel’s confrontation, which Gabriel recorded. What can you say about their dynamic?

Up until that point, Gabriel and Frank hadn’t really interacted at all, so it was a shock for him to see him in his apartment. I’m sure it’ll be a shock for the fans to see them interact again, since the last time they interacted was last season when he found out that Frank bugged his apartment. Obviously, everyone knows Frank is dangerous and can be unhinged. I’m excited to see what was next because we didn’t get to see what else happened in that scene. I assume there was more than what we saw.

Maybe Gabriel has more information that we don’t know just yet … something in his back pocket. He’s a pretty intuitive guy. Sometimes he can be sort of naive, but I feel like we’re getting towards the end, so we’ll start to uncover all this stuff we know or don’t know. Maybe we’ll see his mom again. Maybe she has something to do with stuff he’s hiding.

Of course I have to ask about that final scene. Considering we started the season with a fake-out funeral, should we be considering that Annalise’s funeral and Wes may be part of a similar scenario?

I’m not sure. I don’t know much as far as Annalise and the storyline moving forward with her. I think it could go either way.

Initially, I thought fans are going to go crazy. [Wes] hasn’t been on the show in [years], but people love this character. I think it’ll be great a midseason finale for everybody to figure out what this means moving forward. As far as Gabriel is concerned, I’m not exactly sure how that ties in or if it ties in at all with [him].

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This season, Gabriel and Michaela’s relationship took a few turns. Can you talk about how it’s changed and the interactions Gabriel had with Asher as a result?

Initially, Gabriel and Asher were buddies. The fact that at the end of last season, we really didn’t get to explore that relationships as much as I would have liked to and also we didn’t get to explore more chemistry with Michaela and Gabriel as much as I would have liked to. We just had so many things to tie up.

It’s been a joy working with Aja. She’s a pro and I learned so much from her just doing those scenes with her. She reminds me a lot of Viola and just her presence on-screen. It was great to be able to have those scenes with her and try to [build] a relationship. We tried our best, with the time we had, to have this chemistry and try to build [it] so it translates to screen.

A lot of times, people compared Gabriel and Michaela and Asher and Michaela. It’s really not a fair comparison because we got to be able to digest Michaela and Asher a lot longer than Gabriel and Michaela. We jumped in, me and Aja, and we tried to create this relationship that mirrored something you would recognize in real life.

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