‘Court Cam’ Host Dan Abrams’ 3 Things to Know About the New A&E Series

Dan Abrams in Court Cam

You’ve seen the wild stuff that law enforcement officers have to confront on A&E’s Live PD. Now the network is giving us a look at the craziness that can play out inside America’s courtrooms.

On Court Cam, executive producer and host Dan Abrams talks viewers through jaw-dropping real footage of criminal and civil trials gone wrong, interviewing the people who were there as well.

“This is not just a clip show,” he says. “This is about context around these moments. Some are incredibly sad, others are funny, and others are shocking.” He submits the following preview into evidence.

Man on the Run

A surprising number of people try to make a break for it. The premiere episode alone features three different instances in which defendants literally bolt from the courtroom. “I was surprised by how casual some court officials are,” Abrams says. “They know they’re going to be able to catch these people.”

Holding Out for a Hero

Abrams chooses his interviews carefully. “We’re not interested in talking to someone who punches their lawyer,” he says. He’d rather speak with a woman who saved the life of the plaintiff suing her family.

(Credit: A&E)

The Worst Heartbreak

The most gut-wrenching footage captures victims’ family members trying to exact their own revenge. “You see the emotion and the anger,” Abrams says. “You’d have to be pretty jaded to not let it impact you.”

Court Cam, Series Premiere, Thursday, December 5, 9/8c, A&E