What Does That [Spoiler] Shocker Mean for Burgess & Ruzek on ‘Chicago P.D.’? (RECAP)

Chicago P.D. - Season 7
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 7, Episode 8 of Chicago P.D., “No Regrets.”]

Are Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) going to be parents? It’s looking that way after Wednesday’s episode of Chicago P.D. The only question is what this means for them moving forward.

While chasing after a suspect, Burgess slices her arm on a fence, and stitches aren’t the only thing she gets at the hospital. She also finds out she’s pregnant, almost as an afterthought from the doctor. “Due to your elevated levels of beta HCG, you should be more careful on the job,” she says, confusing Burgess before the doctor spells it out for her.

Though Burgess returns to work, it’s clear where her focus is. “I’m pregnant,” she blurts out while she and Ruzek stake out a suspect’s apartment. Yes, it’s his, from their night together during the crossover, she tells him. When they were together, she said she wanted kids, he reminds her. “Some day,” she clarifies. He promises to support her in whatever she decides.

And initially, that seems to be not having a baby. “I made an appointment for tomorrow morning,” she informs Ruzek. But she cancels it after witnessing a victim with her son; his father was the woman’s kidnapper and captor. “I’ll be okay,” the woman says. “I have Henry. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Even after what she’d been through, she “wouldn’t trade [him] for the world.”

That leaves Burgess with a lot to think about, and Ruzek find her in the locker room to tell her he’ll go with her to her appointment. “This baby would be so hard,” she admits. “Maybe it’s selfish with this job and being single, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a mom and I don’t want to make a decision I might regret.” She doesn’t know what that means yet other than she’s not going to that appointment.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll end up having the baby or she and Ruzek will co-parent if she does. (There is always the possibility of adoption.) Whatever happens next is still up in the air, but with her decision at the end of the episode, Burgess left the door open to become a mother. And going by what she said, she’ll likely be keeping the baby.

As for what this might mean for “Burzek,” perhaps the wisest move made in this episode was to separate their personal relationship from the pregnancy. The closest they get to bringing it up is joking about him snoring when he fell asleep on her couch. Fans have watched them try to be together (and fail). Their relationship took a backseat in this episode, and the best thing they can do, at least for now, is let that continue to hold true.

After all, things are about to get much more complicated for them.

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