9 One Chicago Characters Who Should Get a Crossover Romance (PHOTOS)

Meredith Jacobs

One of the best things about One Chicago is how seamless their crossovers are, from the big ones with cases that cover an entire night (or, in the past, multiple nights), to the smaller ones, in which, at the most, a few characters appear in one of the other shows.

There have even been cross-show relationships over the years, though some have been more successful (Mouch and Trudy) than others (Severide and Erin, Brett and Antonio). Maybe it's time for these shows to introduce a new one — and it doesn't even necessarily have to be something serious. After all, some of the characters across Chicago FireP.D., and Med haven't exactly had the best of luck in the romance department.

Click through the gallery to see which One Chicago characters might benefit from looking to another show for their next relationship.

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