7 Times One Chicago’s ‘Infection’ Crossover Put Lives & Relationships on the Line (RECAP)

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Chicago Fire - Season 8
Matt Dinerstein/NBC
One Chicago infected leg

The heroes are horrified by the flesh-eating bacteria

It begins when a man collapses outside Soldier Field and they see the lesion on his leg. Then, Brett and Foster respond to a call and find two more victims. But the worst moment comes when Burgess is called to the scene of a mother and baby with the same infection — and despite appearances (and the lesion on her face), the mother’s still alive. In the beginning, every victim they come across dies.

And in the OR, it’s Dr. Marcel who removes the dead tissue from the infected hoping to find blood flow. In one instance, he has to amputate a man’s arm, but in another, he’s able to save a teenager’s leg.

One Chicago chemical fire

Fire finds a major clue during a call at a lab

The firefighters find a chemical fire on the second floor — and a sign downstairs that said the laboratory was paid for by BRT Health Industries. The victim at Soldier Field had been chanting “BRT.”

Chicago P.D.- Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Cruz plans a major step forward with Chloe

Cruz reveals to Brett and Mouch his plans to propose, but Chloe’s suspicious when she finds out he made a reservation at the city’s most expensive restaurant. “I’m having second thoughts … about us,” she admits to him. “We rushed into this, into everything. I just think we need to take some time to think about it.”

Chicago Med- Season 5
Liz Sisson/NBC

Hailey worries she was infected

She goes to talk to someone who worked in the lab with the first victim and was supposed to be there during the fire. The woman collapses on her, and her blood gets on her. At the hospital, Natalie checks her for any open wounds and finds one from a hangnail on her finger. Hailey goes into quarantine, but she’s cleared.

Chicago P.D.- Season 7
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Will confronts the guilty party

When Will finds one of the microbiologists who has ostensibly been helping them destroying samples, he tries to stop him. The two fight, and the microbiologist knocks out Will.

Chicago P.D.- Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Jay puts his life on the line

The microbiologist interrupts the annual board meeting at BRT Industries and forces its members to choose between death by a bullet and his research to live. After seeing how he’s cut the board members and infected them, forcing them to rely on him to survive, Jay volunteers to help prove he’s right. As Hailey sets up on a roof across the street, Jay cuts his arm on the doctor’s orders. He’s holding the spray bottle containing the bacteria when she shoots at the ceiling, creating the distraction Voight needs to enter the room and take down the microbiologist.

Chicago P.D.- Season 7
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Burzek is back on?!

Rather than join the others at the bar, Burgess and Ruzek both opt for quiet time. But as Burgess is about to leave, Ruzek stops her and asks if she wants to go home with him. She says yes, he touches her hand, and they leave together.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for all three hours of the One Chicago “Infection” crossover.]

The heroes of Chicago Fire, Med, and P.D. unite to enjoy a little tailgating before football — and save the city from a flesh-eating bacteria.

Over the course of the three episodes, the firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and cops work together to figure out who’s responsible for the outbreak that, at one point, leaves the city streets completely deserted when there should’ve been a parade. Though each hour includes something unique to the corresponding show (a fire, focus on the infected, and the hunt for the perpetrator), it very much feels like a three-hour movie, with plenty of crossover at every stage of the investigation.

One member of Intelligence worries she may have been infected after getting blood from a person who was on her and finding a hangnail. At another point, one of the detectives willingly puts himself in a dangerous situation to try to save lives, all while hoping his team will come through in time.

In the end, they discover it’s one of the microbiologists who worked in the lab where Fire responded to a call. He wanted to demonstrate the dangers of the virus to the world and the importance of funding for his research into antibiotics to combat the bacteria to those who’d refused him money.

Click through the gallery above for the crossover highlights involving the One Chicago heroes, from times they put their lives in danger to big relationship moments.

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