The 8 Most Devastating One Chicago Deaths, Ranked

Meredith Jacobs
Olinsky Shay Otis One Chicago Most Painful Deaths
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The One Chicago shows deal with life and death every day, and sometimes, it hits too close to home.

All three shows — Chicago FireChicago P.D., and Chicago Med — have lost characters, and some have been more heartbreaking than others. The latest finales weren't deadly as past ones have been, but they did have us concerned for a couple characters.

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Some of these 'Fire,' 'Med,' and 'P.D.' characters already have reasons to show up on other shows.

Firehouse 51 suffered another injury on the job — though fortunately, Capp (Randy Flagler), was clear to return to duty soon by the end — and Intelligence's Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) just made enemies with some powerful people in the CPD and Mayor's office. (But he was right to tell the truth about a cop's racial profiling causing his own and an innocent man's deaths.)

While we wait to see what's next for our favorite first responders over the next three(!) seasons, click through the gallery above to see the One Chicago deaths that still hurt, even years later, ranked from least to most devastating.

Chicago Med, Season 6, TBA, NBC

Chicago Fire, Season 9, TBA, NBC

Chicago P.D., Season 8, TBA, NBC