‘NCIS’ Star Diona Reasonover on Ziva’s Return: ‘It Is a Life or Death Situation’

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Cote de Pablo has already appeared in two NCIS Season 17 episodes, and she’ll be back for two more (one in December, the other in January).

When she returns, it’s going to be for quite the grave situation, Diona Reasonover revealed to TV Insider. Because of that, it’s going to require the entire team to help, which means that fans will get to see interactions they didn’t in “Out of the Darkness” and “Into the Light.”

That includes a Kasie and Ziva scene, after the former had a very laissez faire attitude about even meeting the latter, choosing to focus more on the work at hand. We already assumed as much, given the photo Brian Dietzen shared with de Pablo from the lab.

Here, Reasonover previews Ziva’s next episodes and shares her character’s thoughts on the former agent.

What can you say about what brings Ziva back?

Diona Reasonover: It is a life or death situation. Ziva Gibbs, [and] the whole team really and truly have to put this case front and center because if they don’t, someone will die.

Might we get Kasie and Ziva scenes when she returns? Kasie was very much focused on the case and had a “whatever happens, happens” attitude about meeting Ziva in the first episodes.

Yes, we do get a Kasie/Ziva scene. I just shot it with Cote and she’s wonderful. She’s so fun to work with. It was the first time we actually had a scene together. Hopefully, maybe there’ll be more in the future.


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Man, I do love that I get to work with such good friends. Fun day on set today. Photo credit: @dionareasonover

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What does Kasie think of Ziva?

Kasie thinks Ziva is cool and obviously very, very talented and a badass. But at the moment we see Kasie and Ziva interacting or Kasie talking about Ziva, we never see Kasie in the break room being, “tell me a cool Ziva story.” We only see Kasie in the middle of a case being like, “okay, here’s the information I know you need.”

She might try to impress Ziva a little bit. I’m not going to spoil whether or not it does impress Ziva, but you will see her try.

We saw in Ziva’s second episode this season that she got into Torres’ (Wilmer Valderrama) head. Could she get into Kasie’s head?

Maybe. The interesting thing about Torres is he has a thing that can let people into his head. I don’t know if Kasie has that yet. We haven’t seen a love life or much of a love interest for Kasie yet. I think if Ziva came up behind Kasie while she was playing a board game and was like, “don’t miss that move,” that might get in Kasie’s head, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.

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