10 Things We Need to See When Ziva Returns to ‘NCIS’ (PHOTOS)

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Into the Light
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Into the Light
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A conversation between Ziva and Bishop

Bishop was the one who knew Ziva was alive last season, and the two did briefly talk in “Into the Light,” but that’s not enough. And with Ziva alive, we’d get to see something we haven’t before: two people who sat at that desk — and were at one point both new members of the team — talking.

Into the Light
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Ziva working with the team

Ziva was very much separate from the team except for a couple instances in the first two episodes. We got a brief look at what it would look like to see her work with Bishop and Torres when they picked up Dwight in Episode 2. Let’s expand on that and see her meeting Kasie (who was the only one who wasn’t eager to meet her).

NCIS Palmer Vance
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Ziva reuniting with Palmer and Vance

Palmer tried his hardest to get face time with Ziva, but it just wasn’t meant to be. And Vance was too busy focusing on the case due to his position as director of the agency. But let’s hope that changes when she returns. She may not have been as close to them as the others, but they’re still a family. Plus, Palmer has monthly calls with Tony.

NCIS McGee kids

Ziva meeting McGee’s kids

It was sweet to watch them talk about being parents briefly, but let’s hope they have more time to discuss their families and even have Ziva meet his kids. After all, McGee stressed that he sees her as his sister, so it’s only right. Plus, it would be interesting to hear what she thinks about McGee taking over Tony’s apartment and all the crimes that have happened there.

Into the Light
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Proof Ziva’s gotten her life back …

Ziva’s been in hiding because she was targeted, but Sahar’s group has all been taken care of. She has no reason to not return to her life now. It won’t be easy, but there’s no reason for her to remain underground.

Into the Light
Cliff Lipson/CBS

… But she’s not necessarily 100% back

Just because Ziva can have her life back now — though she will likely still have enemies due to who she is — doesn’t mean that what she went through didn’t happen and won’t (and shouldn’t) have long-term consequences. It was quite a lot, and she’s slated to return in the late fall/early winter. She can’t be completely back to who she was before the past few years (if she ever can be). But let’s see that she’s at least doing better than she was in the first two episodes of the season.

NCIS Tony Tali

Confirmation that Ziva returned to Tony and Tali

Whether we see it happen onscreen or not will likely depend on Michael Weatherly’s availability, but it’s time we hear more about Tony and what he knows than “it’s complicated” and she “will” tell him. Considering she was fighting to get back to her daughter and the threat is gone, there’s no reason for her to have to live with photos taken as close as she dares to get.

NCIS Ziva McGee Ducky

Ziva sharing more scenes with McGee and Ducky

Due to everything happening in the first two episodes of the season, Ziva didn’t have much time to talk to anyone except for Gibbs. We saw how hurt McGee was that everyone else got time with her, and their conversation in the diner wasn’t nearly long enough (nor was her talk with Ducky in Gibbs’ basement).



This will probably depend on what brings her back. If she returns just for a visit, she could easily bring her daughter with her to meet her D.C. family. But if she returns to help with a case, it’s likely she’ll leave Tali with Tony. That is, of course, assuming he doesn’t return as well, though they could always leave Tali with Senior.

Out of the Darkness
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Resolution for Gibbs and Ziva

Things were tense between the two because she expected him to look for her, but he couldn’t put himself through losing her again if he discovered she wasn’t alive. She waited for him, and he never came, which he admitted was a mistake. But they were still walking on eggshells around each other when she left; she wasn’t even going to say goodbye. And this isn’t something that should be resolved off-screen.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for Season 17, Episode 2 of NCIS, “Into the Light.”]

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) has once again left NCIS behind.

While the beginning of the season did reveal why she faked her death and why Sahar wanted her dead, that was barely the beginning. But at least we know she’ll be back. de Pablo is returning for two more episodes of NCIS in late fall/early winter.

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Will Ziva Return After the 4 'NCIS' Season 17 Episodes?

The actress also revealed why she came back to the show and teased how the character has changed.

And when she does, we’ve put together a list of things we need to see, including a much-needed conversation considering how she and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left things, in the gallery above.

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