‘Survivor’: He Said/She Said With ‘Boston Rob’ Mariano & Sandra Diaz-Twine

Survivor 39
Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor school is in: The dress code is lax, but the staff résumés are top-notch!

For Season 39, ex-champs Sandra Diaz-Twine and “Boston Rob” Mariano are hiding out on the “Island of the Idols” — where 20-foot statues of them stand watch — secretly teaching fire building, fear conquering and more to a few lucky competitors.

Time for the mentors to take our pop quiz.

First impression of each other?

“Boston Rob” Mariano: When I watched her on TV, I was impressed that she wasn’t willing to take any flak from anyone. I like players that know who they are and don’t compromise that!

Sandra Diaz-Twine: I knew he was someone I could get along with. I watched Rob on Season 4, and when I applied for Season 7, there was a question: What Survivor are you most like? I wrote boston rob. He knows. I tell him all the time.

What’s the biggest difference between you two?

Mariano: I love the challenges, camp life and the survival aspect; Sandra couldn’t care less about that. I come for the adventure and the money; she basically just comes for the money.

Diaz-Twine: I love eggs; Rob hates eggs. Rob knows how to spearfish, and I won’t go in the deep water. Rob loves sports, and I don’t care for them. Rob loves poker, and I’ve never, ever played it.

You’re both immortalized in giant statues. Which likeness is best?

Mariano: She will tell you hers, but CBS did CGI of our heads, so both look exactly like us! But [I’m not wearing] my iconic Red Sox hat — that may throw people off.

Diaz-Twine: You can’t confuse my totem with anyone else in the world of Survivor. Rob has facial features similar to other people. You might not instantly say “That’s Rob!”

Ready to play Survivor all over again?

Mariano: Something about the adventure, the challenge and lure of the island always pulls me back in!

Diaz-Twine: When I’m out there, I say I won’t ever do it again. Then back home, I’m like, “Damn, I’m ready to go back.”

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